10 facts about AI you need to know

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. If you haven’t already decided whether AI is essential to your business, these 10 mind-blowing facts will change your way of thinking. Technology firms invested $8.5 billion into Artificial Intelligence in 2015, (The Economist) Investment in AI will grow 300% in 2017 compared to ... read more

4 steps to boost customer engagement in 2017

One of the key challenges for businesses today is to make their customers truly engage with their product and services, either in the offline or the digital world. Most companies focus their efforts only on bringing traffic to the online store and start tracking visits. But what happens after you ... read more


6 + 1 tips for successful CLV

In order to effectively manage your customers, it is essential to be able to determine their profitability. Measuring the Customer Lifetime Value is a great opportunity to identify your high-value customers, collect valuable data and make smarter business decisions. Here are 7 tips from brick and mortar that also work ... read more

How to reach the Connected Customer effectively

Technology is changing the way consumers shop and interact with brands. Businesses should leave behind the traditional shopper and look for effective ways to reach the new breed of customer: The Connected Customer. The Connected Consumer is here According to Bain & Company survey, people reach for their mobile phones ... read more

CRM and Marketing Automation: what should you choose?

There is no doubt that the overall consumer behavior has changed dramatically, forcing brands to rethink their customer strategies and find technology solutions that will help them properly manage their customer base and dominate the customer journey. That is why Customer Relationship Management strategies and marketing automation tools are becoming ... read more

customer loyalty

Your mini-guide to customer loyalty

Achieving customer loyalty today is priority number one for most businesses. While many modern companies are struggling to successfully meet their customers’ needs, the customer experience is the only way to success. The image of the customer could get clearer with the right technology solution in place, along with the ... read more

Multi-brand loyalty programs: 3 steps to success

In today’s competitive retail market, shopping malls are struggling to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Therefore, most shopping centers are already incorporating loyalty marketing into their strategy. Multi-brand loyalty programs are an effective way to engage customers through real reward feeling and deliver unique customer experiences. Apart from ... read more

How to use customer reviews to drive loyalty

Most consumers start their customer journey with a search engine, either on desktop or mobile. In fact, 81% of shoppers research their product online before purchasing (NUASoft). Most consumers search for a local business on a regular basis with 53% of people searching at least one time per month. – BrightLocal ... read more

Mobile statistics you cannot ignore

As consumers’ relationship with technology is rapidly evolving, brands are forced to keep up with digital trends if they want to stay on the top of their customers’ minds. Mobile is not a standalone channel, but a core part of the unified commerce, and therefore you need (if you haven’t ... read more

Predictive marketing: Everything you need to know

If someone, a few years ago, told you that you would be able to forecast your customers’ behavior and purchases, what would you answer? Well, today this is possible thanks to the next generation of customer data and new technological advancements. Although many companies are still getting familiar with data-driven ... read more

3 emotions that drive customer loyalty

The power of emotional engagement in building strong relationships with your customers is undoubtable. Either you are a new business or have an established presence in the market, customer acquisition and retention are probably your top priorities. Focusing on customer experience and building emotional connections with them should also be included ... read more

The role of CRM in customer loyalty

While there are many factors that determine the health of an organization, customer loyalty is one of the most crucial factors to the long-term business success. Building and maintaining a loyal customer base requires the right resources in place and the ability to adapt innovative technologies fast. In this way, ... read more

4 marketing automation questions every business leader should ask

Are you considering investing in marketing automation? Marketing automation tools enable businesses to connect with their customer with the right content at the right moment, delivering personalized and consistent experiences across touchpoints. Real-time product recommendations during the store visit, either online or offline, based on the specific customers’ preferences and interests, ... read more

How to build a unified customer profile

In the age of digital transformation where consumers interact with brands in so many ways and at so many different touchpoints, building and managing customers profiles could be a demanding task. Today’s empowered customers have many options at each stage of the customer journey, creating their own, unique customer journey ... read more

How to leverage the customer lifecycle for customer retention

Today brands are struggling to attract more customers and keep them loyal. Most companies fail to address the complexities of the customer journey, as their retention strategies are not customer-centric and often lack a holistic view. Understanding your customers and especially the customer lifecycle is the key to building strong ... read more

customer loyalty measurement

3 steps to measure customer loyalty

How loyal are your customers? Do you know which are your best customers or those at risk of leaving your brand? If you can answer these questions immediately, then you should keep on what you are doing. If you are still in doubt, read on to find out what metrics ... read more

QIVOS blog

Closing the gap between online and offline customer experiences

Today’s digitally savvy consumers expect a consistent and seamless omni-channel experience, forcing retailers to optimize the shopping journey and elevate their strategy. Although retailers have recognized the need for a holistic customer experience, most of them fail to develop a unified and aligned across all channels commerce strategy. Related article: ... read more

How to build an effective SMS marketing strategy in 2017

SMS marketing is not dead. On the contrary, text messages are an effective communication tool to reach and interact with your customers and meet their expectations. Industry analysts predict that by 2025*, about 50% of text messages will be from businesses to consumers. So, if you haven’t incorporated SMS to ... read more

Data-driven marketing: Everything you need to know

With access to a ton of data and analytics tools today, marketers are able to upgrade their operations and make smarter decisions with data. Data-driven marketing has become the norm and you’d better start utilizing this approach as it can be beneficial for your business. Data-driven marketing is far more ... read more

Do’s and Don’ts of loyalty programs

Loyalty programs offer numerous benefits to brands. They help businesses drive more meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers and increase sales. Find in the infographic below what you need to focus on and what to avoid when designing your customer loyalty program. ... read more

Use customer service to drive brand loyalty

Great customer service is about creating happy customers that keep coming back to you (customer retention). Brand loyalty and customer service go hand in hand, and as soon as you realize this strong connection, you are a step closer to building long-term relationships with your customers. Troubleshooting and call center ... read more

Building loyalty in the age of e-commerce

Building loyalty in the age of customer, where customer expectations are growing and technologies are rapidly evolving, is a work in progress that requires time, plan and highly targeted actions. Especially in e-commerce, in order to overcome the typical give-and-get relationship with your customers and win their trust, you must ... read more

Loyalty insights: Take the opportunity today

One of the main reasons why your customer loyalty program might have a poor performance is you miss the data and insights opportunity. Nowadays, although brands could focus more on their customers and use insights to learn about who their customers are, what really motivates them, and how they interact ... read more

4 steps to a successful customer loyalty program

After acquiring customers, businesses are struggling to maintain them, especially digitally where there is a wide variety of choices just a click away. Customer loyalty programs either on e-commerce or in-store, play a key role in reaching your business and marketing goals. But how are you going to build a ... read more

Customer Lifetime value

Why Customer Lifetime Value is essential for your business

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a powerful metric for marketers not only to understand their customers but also to build strong relationships with them. However, while CLV is a valuable metric, most companies now fail to calculate the true value of their customers. But, what do companies miss about CLV? ... read more

Why your customer loyalty program shouldn’t just reward purchases

Today customers are always online, have access to more choices, and can easily switch to other brands. Basically, they have fewer reasons to be loyal than ever before. But consumers aren’t necessarily just interested in saving money. Enhanced customer service, mobile rewards, and the ability to earn special treatment have ... read more

How to drive customer engagement with social listening

Today brands have the opportunity to track and react to users at social media in various ways. Social listening is an essential approach for marketers that not only enables them to monitor their social media accounts but also connect with their customers beyond a purchase, building loyalty. Here are 3 ... read more

How email marketing can boost your customer loyalty

Email marketing is not dead. On the contrary, it is a very powerful marketing tool that not only can bring you more conversions, but also help you build trust with your customers. In order your email campaigns to be effective and survive in your customers’ busy inbox, you need to ... read more

Chatbots: everything you need to know

With the rise of artificial intelligence, many companies are utilizing marketing automations in order to communicate in real-time with their customers and deliver highly personalized digital experiences. Part of this technology breakthrough, are the chatbots, that are slowly entering the mainstream of marketing, providing great value to brands worldwide. So, ... read more

3 Common Customer Loyalty Mistakes to Avoid

Customer loyalty is a vital component of maintaining a successful and profitable business. Building a meaningful relationship with your customers and creating incredible experiences will help your business grow. Customers that use your products or services frequently, are more likely not only to repeat purchases (customer retention) but also recommend ... read more