Multi-brand loyalty programs: 3 steps to success

In today’s competitive retail market, shopping malls are struggling to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Therefore, most shopping centers are already incorporating loyalty marketing into their strategy. Multi-brand loyalty programs are an effective way to engage customers through real reward feeling and deliver unique customer experiences. Apart from ... read more

How to use customer reviews to drive loyalty

Most consumers start their customer journey with a search engine, either on desktop or mobile. In fact, 81% of shoppers research their product online before purchasing (NUASoft). Most consumers search for a local business on a regular basis with 53% of people searching at least one time per month. – BrightLocal ... read more

Mobile statistics you cannot ignore

As consumers’ relationship with technology is rapidly evolving, brands are forced to keep up with digital trends if they want to stay on the top of their customers’ minds. Mobile is not a standalone channel, but a core part of the unified commerce, and therefore you need (if you haven’t ... read more

Predictive marketing: Everything you need to know

If someone, a few years ago, told you that you would be able to forecast your customers’ behavior and purchases, what would you answer? Well, today this is possible thanks to the next generation of customer data and new technological advancements. Although many companies are still getting familiar with data-driven ... read more

3 emotions that drive customer loyalty

The power of emotional engagement in building strong relationships with your customers is undoubtable. Either you are a new business or have an established presence in the market, customer acquisition and retention are probably your top priorities. Focusing on customer experience and building emotional connections with them should also be included ... read more

The role of CRM in customer loyalty

While there are many factors that determine the health of an organization, customer loyalty is one of the most crucial factors to the long-term business success. Building and maintaining a loyal customer base requires the right resources in place and the ability to adapt innovative technologies fast. In this way, ... read more

4 marketing automation questions every business leader should ask

Are you considering investing in marketing automation? Marketing automation tools enable businesses to connect with their customer with the right content at the right moment, delivering personalized and consistent experiences across touchpoints. Real-time product recommendations during the store visit, either online or offline, based on the specific customers’ preferences and interests, ... read more

How to build a unified customer profile

In the age of digital transformation where consumers interact with brands in so many ways and at so many different touchpoints, building and managing customers profiles could be a demanding task. Today’s empowered customers have many options at each stage of the customer journey, creating their own, unique customer journey ... read more

How to leverage the customer lifecycle for customer retention

Today brands are struggling to attract more customers and keep them loyal. Most companies fail to address the complexities of the customer journey, as their retention strategies are not customer-centric and often lack a holistic view. Understanding your customers and especially the customer lifecycle is the key to building strong ... read more

customer loyalty measurement

3 steps to measure customer loyalty

How loyal are your customers? Do you know which are your best customers or those at risk of leaving your brand? If you can answer these questions immediately, then you should keep on what you are doing. If you are still in doubt, read on to find out what metrics ... read more

QIVOS blog

Closing the gap between online and offline customer experiences

Today’s digitally savvy consumers expect a consistent and seamless omni-channel experience, forcing retailers to optimize the shopping journey and elevate their strategy. Although retailers have recognized the need for a holistic customer experience, most of them fail to develop a unified and aligned across all channels commerce strategy. Related article: ... read more

How to build an effective SMS marketing strategy in 2017

SMS marketing is not dead. On the contrary, text messages are an effective communication tool to reach and interact with your customers and meet their expectations. Industry analysts predict that by 2025*, about 50% of text messages will be from businesses to consumers. So, if you haven’t incorporated SMS to ... read more

Data-driven marketing: Everything you need to know

With access to a ton of data and analytics tools today, marketers are able to upgrade their operations and make smarter decisions with data. Data-driven marketing has become the norm and you’d better start utilizing this approach as it can be beneficial for your business. Data-driven marketing is far more ... read more

Do’s and Don’ts of loyalty programs

Loyalty programs offer numerous benefits to brands. They help businesses drive more meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers and increase sales. Find in the infographic below what you need to focus on and what to avoid when designing your customer loyalty program. ... read more

Use customer service to drive brand loyalty

Great customer service is about creating happy customers that keep coming back to you (customer retention). Brand loyalty and customer service go hand in hand, and as soon as you realize this strong connection, you are a step closer to building long-term relationships with your customers. Troubleshooting and call center ... read more

Building loyalty in the age of e-commerce

Building loyalty in the age of customer, where customer expectations are growing and technologies are rapidly evolving, is a work in progress that requires time, plan and highly targeted actions. Especially in e-commerce, in order to overcome the typical give-and-get relationship with your customers and win their trust, you must ... read more

Loyalty insights: Take the opportunity today

One of the main reasons why your customer loyalty program might have a poor performance is you miss the data and insights opportunity. Nowadays, although brands could focus more on their customers and use insights to learn about who their customers are, what really motivates them, and how they interact ... read more

4 steps to a successful customer loyalty program

After acquiring customers, businesses are struggling to maintain them, especially digitally where there is a wide variety of choices just a click away. Customer loyalty programs either on e-commerce or in-store, play a key role in reaching your business and marketing goals. But how are you going to build a ... read more

Customer Lifetime value

Why Customer Lifetime Value is essential for your business

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a powerful metric for marketers not only to understand their customers but also to build strong relationships with them. However, while CLV is a valuable metric, most companies now fail to calculate the true value of their customers. But, what do companies miss about CLV? ... read more

Why your customer loyalty program shouldn’t just reward purchases

Today customers are always online, have access to more choices, and can easily switch to other brands. Basically, they have fewer reasons to be loyal than ever before. But consumers aren’t necessarily just interested in saving money. Enhanced customer service, mobile rewards, and the ability to earn special treatment have ... read more

How to drive customer engagement with social listening

Today brands have the opportunity to track and react to users at social media in various ways. Social listening is an essential approach for marketers that not only enables them to monitor their social media accounts but also connect with their customers beyond a purchase, building loyalty. Here are 3 ... read more

How email marketing can boost your customer loyalty

Email marketing is not dead. On the contrary, it is a very powerful marketing tool that not only can bring you more conversions, but also help you build trust with your customers. In order your email campaigns to be effective and survive in your customers’ busy inbox, you need to ... read more

Chatbots: everything you need to know

With the rise of artificial intelligence, many companies are utilizing marketing automations in order to communicate in real-time with their customers and deliver highly personalized digital experiences. Part of this technology breakthrough, are the chatbots, that are slowly entering the mainstream of marketing, providing great value to brands worldwide. So, ... read more

3 Common Customer Loyalty Mistakes to Avoid

Customer loyalty is a vital component of maintaining a successful and profitable business. Building a meaningful relationship with your customers and creating incredible experiences will help your business grow. Customers that use your products or services frequently, are more likely not only to repeat purchases (customer retention), but also recommend ... read more

5 tips to improve your customer loyalty with social media

Social media is a proven tool to help build brand awareness. But it is also possible to utilize social networks in numerous ways, including the opportunity to drive customer loyalty. If you are searching for ways to build more meaningful connections with your customers, social media could (and should) play ... read more

Unified commerce: the evolution of omni-channel

A few months ago, we analyzed the need for an omni-channel marketing approach in the retail industry. As new emerging technologies rise, along with the customer’s expectations, retailers must now look beyond hype and find ways to add real value to customers. In response to this demand, retailers have to ... read more

Smartphones: your secret weapon to create customer loyalty

Todays’ rapidly evolving technology landscape helps mobile expectations grow even more, forcing marketers to focus more on mobile-first strategies. But marketers falsely think that launching applications and responsive mobile websites is enough to check the box on mobile and can move on to incorporating new technologies such as virtual reality (VR), ... read more

Customer Acquisition vs. Customer retention

The challenge Customer acquisition is one of the biggest and most difficult challenges that brands face. Every company, either start-up or not, spends time and money on finding ways to attract new visitors to their e-shop or drive more traffic to their physical store. Taking into consideration that attracting a ... read more

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Loyalty

Today, every successful consumer application is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although AI is not something consumers think of everyday, they do use it daily, forcing businesses to invest in AI systems. According to Tractica (report Nov. 2015), the market for enterprise AI systems will increase from $203 million in ... read more

marketing automation

3 ways to engage customers with B2C marketing automation

Today, most companies are struggling not only to gain the attention of their customers, but also to fully meet their expectations for personalized communication. While there are many tactics that marketing experts can use to better engage their customers, marketing automation combines technology, data, and trends to take your communication ... read more

3 e-commerce examples everyone in Retail industry should know!

As global online retail sales are growing, estimated to reach 8.8% of total retail spending in 2018 as compared to 7.4% in 2016 according to, many opportunities lie ahead for the retail industry. More and more consumers are buying on the web and are becoming more familiar to make ... read more

E-commerce vs. bricks and mortar. Three Questions!

For the past years, the biggest question in retailing has been the competition between old-school bricks and mortar stores and the rise of e-commerce and online retailing. Any look at the future must start with a view of the past.  As Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking ... read more

E – Commerce interesting facts

Like any digital technology or consumer-based market, e-commerce has evolved over the years. As mobile devices became more popular, mobile commerce has become its own market. With the rise of sites like Facebook and Pinterest, social media has become an important driver of e-commerce. We have found some interesting facts ... read more

How to improve poor loyalty performance?

    Let’s get the scenario clear. You have decided to invest in a loyalty program, you have tried tips on creating successful loyalty programs, you took a decision on the dilemma of outsourcing or making it in-house, you have implemented it successfully but the performance is low. What can ... read more

Why you should invest in a Mobile-Enabled Loyalty Program?

  The essence of successful businesses is customers who expect to experience unique customer service along with amazing product or service. Loyalty programs encourage customers to connect with the brand and recognize the hidden values; offering the brand itself the opportunity to grow its clients. We have been introduced to ... read more

How to increase customer engagement in a loyalty program?

Loyalty programs have been used for many years. The modern loyalty program was first introduced by American Airlines in 1981 and then many companies within and without the airline industry followed. Since then, loyalty programs have evolved due to progressive retailers which recognized the meaning of a “customer identification tool”. ... read more

Tips to create a successful customer loyalty business model

Tips to create a successful customer loyalty business model The best customer loyalty programs are comprehensive and holistic. They don’t just engage with and reward shoppers when they make purchases – they also give points for a variety of different actions, writing reviews, giving feedback, hash-tagging photos, referring friends, connecting ... read more

How should loyalty programs approach Generation X, everything you should consider!

Through the generation segments marketers have discovered profound differences which when targeted correctly can benefit companies and not only. Millennials, Generation X, and baby boomers are the most widely discussed groups, all three have different approaches about customer engagement, motivation and attitude. Regarding customer loyalty, one thing is certain, that these ... read more

Baby boomers

How a successful loyalty program approaches baby boomer generation?

With all the publicity surrounding new generations of consumers, it’s easy to lose sight of the older segments. Nowadays, other generations see a lot of the spotlight, whereas the baby boomers, even though they still have great spending power and customer engagement potential, are neglected by numerous brand as they ... read more

Infographic: Different generations! How you should approach them

Brands today must be clever when it comes to consumers and customer loyalty strategies. There are great differences between what a 20-something millennial values from a 60-something baby boomer. Brands should be very careful with their audiences and not implement one-size-fits-all loyalty models. As loyalty evolves, securing dedication from the ... read more

Benefits of incorporating multi-brand loyalty programs

Customers need to be connected with brands and brands need to keep them loyal. In order to achieve that there are various loyalty programs that brands can adopt in their marketing strategy. While single-company cards are most widespread and many of us are members of many of them having lots ... read more

Win people’s micro moments. That matters.

Mobile phones have significantly changed the way brands interact with their customers. In the omni-channel reality brands are directly affected by the actions taken by consumers in their decision making process. Google defines mobile moments of consumers as micro moments. Micro moments can happen anytime-anywhere. More specifically micro moments are ... read more

Social networks or shopping platforms?

The next day for Social Media platforms, has arrived. The initiate role of Social Media was the communication between people and the immediate information for any kind of news around the world. As the time pass and Social Media invaded our daily lives, brands realized that the next step for ... read more

Omni-channel marketing in retail

Retail marketing is changing. Omni-channel is the new norm in retail marketing strategies; it’s a holistic approach for shopping experience which include mobile devices and social media in combination with traditional sales channels. Company must leverage all channels to build a successful Omni-channel strategy; thus improving customer loyalty through increasing ... read more

Discover reasons why you must use mobile loyalty in your company

One of the biggest customer loyalty trend for 2016 among others, is mobile loyalty. Mobile marketing has extremely increased its presence due to last years. Companies have realized that is more than necessary to evolve this channel with their customer, as every consumer uses per day at least 2 mobile ... read more

Don’t treat customer loyalty as a program. Treat it as a strategy!

Loyalty is an emotion… So why do we treat it like transaction? Loyalty is evolving from a simple points-based system into something more powerful and customer-centric. It is now about forming relationships, building customer engagement and enhancing your customer’s experience. Customers have evolved. It’s time for you to catch up. ... read more


The 3 most common mistakes of Loyalty programs

You have designed the perfect loyalty program for your customers; the one that fits perfectly to your needs. You have already launched it, you are full of high expectations but something goes wrong. You don’t have the desired performance and efficiency. At some cases, things don’t always go as smoothly ... read more

#ask the expert : Qivos insights vol 2

Following the blog post #ask the expert : Qivos insights vol 1 , it is time to uncover some new insights regarding the importance of data quality in loyalty schemes. So, we asked an Operations expert to answer us 3 basic questions on data quality and customer service. Zacharias Lalaounis ... read more

“Traditional” vs online methods of registration in Loyalty schemes

Acquisition is the first step to introduce customers to your loyalty scheme. Companies must analyze their customers’ behavior, determine registration points i.e. cashiers and choose the most suitable way of acquiring registrations. Acquisition / Registration can be achieved via online registration, via onsite registration or even both. Why to choose ... read more

#ask the expert : Qivos insights vol 1

Theory is good but the real insights are discovered inside every company. So, we asked a technology recognized expert with extensive experience within Marketing Technology 4 basic questions to determine some loyalty insights. Agis Kefallinos is the Principal Software Engineer in Qivos with an extensive record of implementing software development ... read more

Seasonal marketing:back to school promos

When you plan your yearly marketing strategy don’t forget to include seasonal marketing opportunities such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Another great seasonal marketing opportunity is at the beginning of September when customers throw away their beach bags and start looking for backpacks and school essentials. Companies take advantage ... read more

How the Greek market reacted during the referendum period?

The political situation in a country always influences extensively the market trends and consumers’ purchasing behavior. Whenever a political news story is in the spotlight, consumer behavior is directly affected, and when the news is getting old, the market returns at adequate and probably even increasing levels. For example, after ... read more

Two important factors in SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the strongest ways to deliver your business and services. Companies use SMS for direct communication with the customer influencing instantly his shopping behavior. There are some issues though that should be taken seriously into account. Time and frequency are major concerns in SMS marketing. Regarding ... read more

How to prevent image blocking in newsletters?

Well, you can’t. Most email clients block images by default and you can’t change each user’s setting. As a result, make sure your creativeness is functional and responsive! Most Common Problem: Most email clients prevent images from downloading by default and there is no way to overcome this issue. So, ... read more

IKEA Greece & Cyprus turns tourist customer to loyal member!

Greece and Cyprus are destinations that attract lots of tourists each year; moreover, many of them own a holiday house in those countries and choose IKEA for their summer house shopping. As a reflection, a need to reward the tourist customer was created. IKEA in cooperation with Qivos designed the ... read more

How to connect shopping mall tenants under one loyalty scheme?

Shopping malls are highly preferred by customers because they offer a wide range of brands under one roof. Today, most shopping malls use loyalty schemes as the most effective way to engage customers through real reward feeling and significant value. The question is how shopping mall tenants can adopt the ... read more

How to avoid duplicates harming your loyalty program

Successful consumer loyalty programs hinge on having reliable, accurate, and trusted data. Large amounts of inaccurate contact data make loyalty programs less effective and not cost effective to the organizations. One major root cause of “bad” data is duplicate records. Conflicting data is corruptive to the integrity of databases. In ... read more

How to overcome legal issues in online registration forms.

While designing Loyalty programs you should always have a deep knowledge of legal issues in relation to privacy and legal restrictions governing on your client’s country. It’s more than common that when a user fills an online registration form he is prompt to fill his personal details, including a code ... read more

IKEA Family uses mobile loyalty app to reward their members.

Mobile loyalty programs offer benefits for both consumers and companies. With the increased penetration of smartphones, we should not be surprised when high percentages of millennials declare that they strongly appreciate communication through a mobile channel. Mobile technology means that consumers are likely never to miss a deal because they ... read more

4 ways CRM helps you listen to your customers

Satisfaction Surveys Why is important to have customers’ feedback? If your company is not gathering customer feedback, you may be making strategic business decisions that are not in line with your customers’ interests. Surveys can be run as CRM campaigns to request feedback from a contact list. Each survey is ... read more

3 Key- points in your Loyalty Program implementation

1. Your Loyalty Program should be effectively promoted at the stores. A well-designed Rewards program and an integrated promotion strategy between your website, social media, radio and billboards will not be likely to succeed unless the program is not effectively promoted where and when it matters most – in the ... read more

Loyalty programs’ benefits in Numbers

Loyalty programs’ benefits in Numbers! • Loyalty programs make growing your business cheaper and more efficient. According to recent UK studies: 96% of their populations are currently a member of a reward scheme while 64% belong to three or more loyalty schemes. • In U.S Loyalty programs are so prevalent ... read more

Why British companies reward their customers…

Lead Stores in United Kingdom engage and reward repeat customers to increase brand experience and generate more sales. Although the strategy is basic, it can produce powerful results. What success stories come by our minds? Sainsbury’s nectar cards, Tesco’s club, Starbucks rewards, Waitrose’s cards, IKEA Family Club and others. What ... read more

How to achieve true creativity in B2B campaigns?

We are all aware of successful and creative B2C marketing campaigns. The success stories are plenty and every year more are added to the list. Basically, marketers are free to brainstorm and implement any crazy idea are set on the table. Customers today are open to a lot of things ... read more

6 + 1 Tips for a successful email campaign

Having already discussed why email marketing should be your absolute priority, it is about time to give you a hint of how to make a successful email campaign. There are various ways to send an email but only if you use our precise guidelines, you will have rewarding results. Tip ... read more

Qivos-Infographic- Email Report 2014

Why Email Marketing Should Be Your Absolute Priority

Companies are always changing and evolving, and your customers expect it. What they don’t expect is to be told about those changes. Surprise them with an email. Big companies / brands such as Marks & Spencer, IKEA and Jo Malone have already seen this huge opportunity of communication with their ... read more

Holiday shopping lists growing in 2014 according to SAS

In a recent research, SAS discovered that holiday shoppers behavior has changed significantly compared to 2013. More than 1/3 of holiday shoppers have included more items in their shopping lists, 1/2 of holiday shoppers are buying the same amount as last year, while only 10 percent were cutting back. Moreover, ... read more

4 ways a loyalty scheme will add value to your marketing

A well structured, engaging and exciting loyalty program will make a big difference at the way you drive customer engagement and the overall customer experience you provide. Increasing your customer loyalty is mainly up to you and you know how to do it better than anyone else! Loyalty programs are ... read more

Your vision. Your strategy. What about consistency?

Your personal vision of your brand’s story is your starting point. Your vision becomes your strategy and your strategy becomes your day to day activities; So you’ve defined your target market, developed compelling positioning, established a competitive analysis and advantage, and packaged your products in a clear and relevant way. ... read more

7 questions you need to be asking about customer loyalty

This is a practical guide and a great place to start for marketers who have “Customer Loyalty” on the top of their list and are already facing an information overload. Our team of Customer Intelligence Experts has come up with the top 7 questions you should be asking yourselves, in ... read more

5 “basics” to boost your customer engagement

It’s all about putting the right message in front of the right people at just the right time and these are 5 “basics” that will help you get there. Get to know your customers Getting to know your customers is essential in order to reach out to them with the ... read more

3 steps to a successful loyalty scheme

Whether it’s restructuring an existing customer loyalty scheme or if you are looking to build a new one from scratch, there are 3 steps to success. Step 1: Talk to the experts Experts are teams that have already implemented customer loyalty schemes, but most importantly have a thorough understanding of ... read more

How will a loyalty programme increase sales?

Our tailor-made loyalty programmes are designed to increase your sales. Better still, they are proven by measurable results. Our loyalty programmes are used as a means of support and development for your existing clientele. Thus, in order to be an effective sales-generating force, companies should aim to promote customer loyalty ... read more

What are the benefits of implementing a loyalty programme?

Knowledge is power. Our loyalty programmes can help you gain useful knowledge about your customers. We help you to explore: The categories your current customers belong to. The value of each group of customers. The development potential of your groups of customers. The behaviour of your customers and the kinds ... read more

How does a loyalty programme work?

According to marketing research, it costs about 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing one. Also, the existing customer spends, on average, 67% more than a new one. One of the key challenges that customer-oriented enterprises face is the adoption of effective marketing ... read more