Engage with your customer through a consistent methodology

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Taking into consideration that today’s shoppers demand holistic attention from the brands they prefer, customer loyalty is the key driver for the brands’ profitability. Thus, companies should invest in customer loyalty through personalized communication. But how is that possible in a marketplace more and more competitive?

Successful customer engagement requires methodology and consistency.

Now is the time to leverage all the communication channels with targeted campaigns based on first-party customer data, fully aligned with the brands’ annual marketing plan. More precisely, the marketing team needs to dive into ways to enrich the existing marketing plan and explore new loyalty opportunities for interactions between the brand and consumers. Therefore, it is important to define a specific loyalty and marketing expert that will work on a tailor-made CRM proposal, combining marketing and loyalty territories.

A tip to follow is to avoid overlapping the loyalty activities with the scheduled marketing actions.

Create targeted communication

Mapping the customers’ needs and exploiting new channels of communication with the consumer is vital. Focusing on customer insights, the loyalty and marketing expert should make strategic recommendations of the communication strategy and the preferred messages. Further, an important plus is to leverage RFM and MTV Analysis that can help you design targeted communication based on respective results and segments analysis.

It is necessary for the marketing actions to be monitored and the results to be real-time available, for instance, the response rate, how many customers who received the promo messaging proceed to purchase. Optimize and monitor your marketing strategy to determine which message works best for your members. It is important to connect with your customers with immediate and relevant experiences.

What INTELIQUA defines as Microselling

A consistent methodology that allows you to proactively engage your customers. Our team is dedicated to the complete day-to-day management of your loyalty program campaigns, from design to execution, measurement, and beyond. Based on your specific needs, we make tailor-made creative proposals addressed to your customers’ preferences, and we build inspiring campaigns.

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