Know your customer, through brand loyalty

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Marketers are probably already familiar with the fact that investing in first-party customer data collection is the next best step that an organization can take to withstand the changing digital landscape as third-party cookies phase-out.

The end of third-party cookies by 2022 brings a huge impact on the customer loyalty industry and highlights the necessity of first-party data.

The strategy that a brand should follow is to focus more on the collection of consumer data across all touchpoints and the conversion of data into valuable insights by using advanced technologies such as machine learning. This can lead to a personalized communication between the consumer and the brand.

Personalization, convenience, and digital transformation are the keys to customer loyalty and the important drivers of customer retention. The traditional customer loyalty scheme needs to be reinvented, and the customer experience is far more important than points or rewards to secure brand loyalty.

Getting to know your customer is key to delivering a personalized experience to the consumers during every stage of the shopping journey. Brands can leverage past purchase behavior and reach customers with the right message at their preferred communication channel. From purchase history, demographic profiles, and micro-moments, to email, social media interactions, and loyalty program engagement, brands can properly gather and combine customer information in one place and understand what works and what does not for your multi-channel customers.

Qivos helps brands to collect customer data, either from the physical store or the e-commerce, analyze consumers’ behavior through smart technology and deliver a personalized customer experience that unlocks numerous benefits both for the brands and the consumers.

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