Go beyond points, focus on customer experience

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As the retail market continues to grow rapidly, brands are struggling to find new and more effective ways to reach and maintain their customers. Many companies are already in the throes of customer experience digitalization, and some others implemented digital capabilities for the first time as a matter of survival.

Developing a distinctive loyalty proposition is vital for a business and, apart from other reasons, is always the best way for consumers to share their data. In other words, rewards programs can help brands to collect first-party customer data across all touchpoints, either from the physical store or online, leverage them with the right technology and build meaningful customer experiences.

Reaching today’s well-informed consumers is challenging, but brand marketers can transform the typical give-and-get relationship if done right. To provide personalized communication to customers, marketers need to have a holistic customer view. Retaining customers in today’s market requires a mix of personalization, relevance, exclusivity, and engagement across all the different communication channels.

As a result of the changing consumer expectations, winning customers’ loyalty goes beyond having a loyalty program and giving points. Loyalty programs are an important tool to get to know your customer and developing personalized communication that will deliver the ultimate customer experience and keep the brand “top of mind”.

In INTELIQUA, we help brands collect customer data across all touchpoints, create unified customer profiles with advanced technology, and communicate with the consumer with the right message at the right time and the right channel, which has become the differentiating factor for many of our successful clients.

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