Real-time analytics can transform the customer journey to a safer and easier experience

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The coronavirus outbreak has brought change to the nature of shopping. The way in which shoppers are buying products has shifted radically. Even though it is alleged that consumers tend to need a long time to adjust to new retail habits, the pandemic has affected dramatically the shoppers’ behavior and instincts. This brings huge pressure to retailers to make the transition into a new age of retail and shopping norms.

Consumers will be looking for physical stores where they feel safe.

Brands that arouse trust to shoppers, will be on top of customers’ minds when they will visit a retail store. Loyalty schemes provide exclusive benefits and personalized communication to the shoppers. Customer loyalty experts can build similar added value to shoppers by upscaling retail location information, such as real-time visitors’ tracking and analysis to the brand’s loyal members, via the communication channels, that they prefer. Members can check before they go shopping, the physical store, that they want to visit and the number of people is there in real-time.

Real-time analytics have the potential to create and flourish the trust between the brand and the customers. The insights will be available to the members, when and if they need them, by providing the intangible benefit of safety. For instance, the mobile technology upscales the consumer experience in terms of convenience and personalization; the loyalty members, that have downloaded the mobile app, can choose a specific store of the brand, and be guided virtually around the physical store, meanwhile getting the information, they need.

Consumers can instantly check out the stock of the products.

INTELIQUA’s customer loyalty experts suggest that real-time analytics and machine learning can help retailers to digitalize the in-store experience, to provide a more streamlined, easy, and above all, safe customer journey. Besides all the above tips, by approaching customers through their mobile with data-driven rewards and special offers during the store visit, will help not only boost conversions but also delight them as they will get exactly what they are seeking for. 65% of consumers are disappointed by the lack of in-store personalized discounts and promotions.

By adopting technology, consumers can also check, for instance, the stock of the products, that they prefer, before or during the store visit. The advantage of having the power of knowledge, consumers will feel safer and enjoying a shopping experience, that is convenient and easier than ever before.

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