Strategic priorities for the new era: Big data and Unified customer profile

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Since the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, the shopping trends and retail environment is rapidly changing. In the months ahead, adapting to a new world is a must for businesses, since they need to address the changing buyer’s needs, store evolution, and shopping behavior alteration.

Prepare to go online fast.

Given the fact that the growth of e-commerce has completely changed the shopping priorities, it is crystal-clear that online is not a standalone channel, but a core part of the unified commerce. Ecommerce leaders leverage customer data from all touchpoints, such as POS, loyalty schemes, mobile app, or e-receipts, to address the digital transformation in the shopping experience. The more data marketers have, the better they can adapt to the new era.

Besides e-commerce, going online can interpret in several ways, such as mobile payments through a loyalty app. Shoppers that choose to make transactions with their mobile devices can enjoy several benefits; avoid long queues, centralize loyalty points and rewards, check the availability of products, order ahead, enjoy customized offers and easily compare prices.

Thinking of customers only as one channel, either e-commerce buyers or in-store shoppers, it will lead to misconceptions. Consumers make purchases online but might return the products in-store. Retailers that can have a 360-degree view of a customers’ profile and access their transactional data, can reach shoppers most efficiently, meeting their expectations for personalized services.

Focus on customer data

Brands that did not possess a qualified clientele, it was unlikely to respond quickly to the digital transformation, because they could not connect with their customers and address their needs. Brands lost contact with the shoppers and began to disconnect with the former clients, as a result of big data absence.

Investing and maintaining a loyal customer database requires the right resources in place and the ability to bring fast innovative technologies into your organization. In this way, you will be able to successfully move to the speed of your customers. Marketing automation tools enable you to connect with your customer with the right content at the right moment, delivering personalized and consistent experiences across all touchpoints.

In today’s unified commerce, being able to collect all the necessary data from structured and unstructured sources and get predictive insights, will help you connect with customers with immediate and relevant experiences. Depending on the type of industry and target group, the situation will be different, which matters most to have a holistic overview of your customer, to continue serving them, as best as executives can.

Creative tips
Ecommerce: Sometimes, even something small can make a difference; like informing your customers about the status of order delivery.
In-store: Real-time product recommendation through push notifications can help transform the customer journey into a personalized experience.
Unified world: The shopper can order online and pick up the order from the store, by enjoying unique privileges, such as quick check out.

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