Benefits of Cloud-based Loyalty Program

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We are experiencing an ever-changing digital world with multiple options, available at a fingerprint. Companies are being increasingly influenced by their fixed costs, such as infrastructure, value for money, work efficiency with various new products and services. Advanced technologies, such as cloud computing, are gaining momentum, as tangible solutions, for a few years now. The cloud solution is not only a safe way for a customer data network, but also to foster innovation.

This shift towards cloud-based technology is impacting and will continue to impact every industry.

Saving costs and time by switching to SaaS

Costs of a cloud-based implementation are significantly lower than on-premises systems because the only need is to implement the software to your needs and requirements and then access it through the internet connection. The user can constantly be online to the web-based loyalty platform and monitor or design marketing activities, from across the globe at any time. Therefore, choosing Software as a Service (SaaS), a software distribution model, allows you to have access to your customer loyalty program via the network and work remotely and independently. Last but not least, the user does not manage or control the cloud infrastructure or application capabilities, nor are they responsible for upgrades to the underlying systems and software. Consequently, they can save time and focus on making smarter business decisions and designing marketing campaigns, rather than consuming time to administration and technical tasks.

Helps you to discover what your customers want

Your company’s CRM systems collect data from every touchpoint during the customer journey, about the ways your customers interact with the brand. A cloud-based loyalty program provides the opportunity for a real-time update of the CRM database at any time. The data move fast, along with a great amount of behavioral and transactional information. Therefore, it is important for a loyalty program to be able to process large amounts of information in a fast and accurate way.

The benefit gained from the ability to process big data is to gain valuable customer insights. The data flows to help marketers gather information, such as behavioral habits, transactional activities, or geolocation information and as a result utilize them to shape customized marketing campaigns and product recommendations to individual consumers.  Moreover, a cloud-based loyalty program can provide the key to unlocking a whole new era of consumer engagement, by leveraging the multiple filters of customer loyalty platform to segment your recipients based on real-time defined criteria as demographic data, visit frequency, spending type, in-store activity, or loyalty status.

Be wherever your customer is

Another big advantage of acquiring a SaaS customer loyalty model is the flexibility that comes with it. You can target your customers at the communications channels, such as Viber, SMS, email or mobile, that they use the most.  Moreover, you have the opportunity to leverage features, for instance proximity marketing and other specially designed built-in features to effectively reach your customers.

Grow purchase frequency

A cloud-based loyalty program goes one step further. The user has the advantage to execute marketing campaigns within minutes, following easy and fast steps, to raise customer awareness of the brand, generate sales, and create brand loyalty. For example, Qivos Cloud, powered by machine learning solutions, helps marketers to get a 360-degree customer view and define key shopping patterns. Qivos’ cloud-based platform is user-friendly, designed to assist users to design and execute personalized multi-channel campaigns in a fast-way, that will lead to greater conversion rates and maximize a loyalty program’s ROI.

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