Loyalty trends of 2021: What brands need to know

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It is time to rethink your marketing strategy, invest in technology and rebuild trust with the consumers. The customer loyalty trends for 2021 are all here and it is a great opportunity for companies to act better, otherwise, the competitors will grab the chance and take the lead.

First party-data, the future of marketing
First-party data is the information that businesses can collect from their own sources. In other words, every information about customers from both online and offline touchpoints, such as a rewards program or an app.

By investing in the collection and analysis of first-party customer data can significantly improve marketing personalization and customer retention. Companies can foster the ultimate and customized shopper experience that will help brands to connect and delight the consumers.

Therefore first-party customer data is quickly becoming one of the most important assets your business can own, reports Deloitte. The benefits of investing in first-party customer data are:

• Unlock richer customer data that can drive customer lifetime value and average spending.
• Get to know your customer so you are not investing budget and human resources on irrelevant campaigns.
• Meet the evolving market demands for quick decision-making and personalized customer experience.

Personalization is the success key
Shopping in the age of high-demanding consumer journey, customers crave a one-to-one personalized experience.

Today, customers seek more for personalization. According to Think with Google, 63% of people expect brands to use their purchase history to provide them with personalized experiences.

Leading the customer experience means transforming insight into action. Use data to add personalization to every step of the customer journey. Personalization comes to life through relevant offers and requires a skill set of data, technology deployment and content creation that stays engaging and relevant to every individual customer.

From placing your customer’s name into the subject line to next level personalization with post-purchase offers and real-time product recommendation, based on customers’ past purchases, using data to go beyond the basics and truly connect with shoppers is the only way to win.

Mobile loyalty programs and in-App messages

Mobile loyalty programs offer benefits for both consumers and companies. With the increased penetration of spending time on mobile, we should not be surprised when high percentages of millennials declare that they strongly appreciate communication through a mobile channel. Mobile technology means that consumers are likely never to miss a deal because they forgot their membership card or the voucher. What comes to our minds? Mobile loyalty programs are here to stay.

It is a fact that nowadays people constantly have their phones on them, and one phone can hold all the loyalty messages you want to share with your people. Remind to your customers within in-App messages to spend their points before they expire and to check in when they walk in-store. Suggest products they can spend their points on. It is vital for brands to connect with the customers, in their preferred communication channel and be on top of mind during the customer journey.

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