How can Loyalty Campaign Management improve the customer experience

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Today’s consumers are well informed and always connected, which means they turn to their mobile phones for almost everything. Mobiles are not just a device anymore. They have become a personal hub of information daily for everyone. In other words, consumers are exposed to multiple communication campaigns, either through email, Viber, or SMS, every single day. We constantly consume content, whether we navigate through our mobile devices or scrolling down our social media accounts.

The main question is, how many of those messages do we remember, and are they relevant to our needs?

When we receive the right message at the right time through our preferred channel, a more personalized connection with the brands boosts consumers’ satisfaction. But how is that even possible? Let’s face it; brands should really get to know their consumers and leverage the customer journey through every touchpoint. It is time to connect with the consumers through customer engagement campaigns according to the different needs and preferences, considering all the potential consumer channels; physical store, e-shop, mobile application, social media, SMS, print, emails, etc.

To do that, marketers need to build a loyalty marketing strategy focused on customer different personas to retain past and existing customers. Loyalty programs help the brands collect valuable data and better understand the customers’ shopping behavior, which leads to maximizing customer lifecycle value and reaching an increased return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Moreover, by targeting a smaller group of customers with similar preferences, the brands can provide personalized offers and rewards that really resonate, which is why customer data segmentation is the success driver of the loyalty program performance. The customer database can be segmented into different groups and doing so improves the experience as well as offering a personalized communication that meets the specific needs of each individual.

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