First-party data is the answer to a cookie-less future

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These days there’s a non-stop discussion about customer data. For years, third-party cookies have been used as a fuel to identify and understand buyer behavior. Though, personal privacy concerns, with GDPR and CCPA, will eventually bring the move away from third-party cookies, despite the delays of Google. That may sound a bit scary from a marketer’s point of view, but it is being accepted as a significant improvement by most people.

Most consumers are uncomfortable with retailers using their data when at the same time they recognize the value of receiving product recommendations and adds suited to their needs and preferences. That means that figuring out other ways to gain customer insights becomes more and more crucial.

Marketers should make their move and be prepared for a cookie-less future, optimizing their marketing strategy accurately and keeping in mind that not all data is alike. Unlike third-party data, which can often be collected from many different sources, first-party data is gathered by the brand itself with the complete customers’ approval. First-party data provides detailed information about how customers are engaging with the brands that can be useful for targeted, relevant, and insightful marketing campaigns.

“First-party data is the future of brand-consumer relationships built on trust -not just for advertising, but for all digital experiences,” said Amit Ahuja, VP of Experience Cloud Product and Strategy in Adobe.

Let’s face it, in a world without third-party cookies, a first-party data strategy takes the cake, and the sooner brands begin building that one-to-one relationship with their customers, the better.

By leveraging a first-party data strategy, marketers gain insights from past purchase behavior, brand loyalty, or future purchasing intentions. Therefore, brands offer more personalized customer experiences, establishing their presence in the competitive marketplace. Customers can feel appreciated, unique, and privacy protected, and brands can acquire a competitive advantage through personalized, effective targeting of prospects and existing customers. Creating an ultimate customer experience based on trust through consistency and methodology is the ideal scenario.

INTELIQUA helps brands to collect customer data across all touchpoints, create unified customer profiles with advanced technology, and communicate with the consumer with the right message at the right time and the right channel, unlocking numerous benefits both for the brands and the consumers.

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