Effective data use drives marketing success

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As consumers choose even more digital interactions with the brands, marketers need to adapt and make innovative movements. The goal is to offer a memorable, customer-centralized experience in a cookie-less world where customers have the power of their shopping journey on their hands. Tricky, isn’t it?

Data is the answer to the critical how-to, but the big deal is to leverage it wisely and appropriately.

Data is turned into gold throughout businesses as the main key for personalizing customer experiences based on trusted customer-brand relationships & optimizing the brand’s ROI. Brands recognize and are gradually embracing the value of data for reaching and exceeding their customers’ needs.

According to a Salesforce report:

“Nearly four in five marketers globally say data quality is key to driving marketing-led growth and the customer experience.”

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds! Collecting consumers’ data, analyzing it, and ultimately turning it into valuable gold insights is quite challenging. The task is even more complicated, considering the increasing quantity and variety of data followed by the rules and norms around privacy. Being on top of this data “chaos” and using the appropriate data effectively is central to marketing success.

Actions to take:

• Build and follow a consistent first-party data strategy through innovative loyalty programs and the right technology tools.

It’s crucial to do your planning now that cookies are phasing out, and build your first-party data strategy, exploring and exploiting all the new right technologies, such as Customer Data Platforms. Through CDPs, brands would be able to collect their customers’ data through all possible channels and touchpoints, segment them properly through advanced analytics and AI machine, make to the point marketing actions and get a holistic view of the whole process, through analytical reporting, for reviewing and renewing it if necessary.

• Design a human-first data experience cultivating the most powerful element into the recipe of success: trust.

This little word with vast meaning can be established through transparency and humanity. Brands should reassure their customers about the safety of their data and inform them on how they plan to use those data, giving them always the option to opt-out. Building trust is hard but fundamental for long-term relationships. It makes customers feel safe and secure that the control of their data is still in their hands, tailoring their own data experience.

• Elevate the hybrid customer experience.

Customers crave in-store and digital shopping, and now that these two worlds can be combined, what’s better than that? This interconnected experience, called hybrid shopping, is the shopping method of the future. To make it happen, brands should not skip the two steps above and always put the customers and their needs at the centre by making it personal to them through communications that could genuinely touch them.

At this point, it’s essential to mention that the digital area is obviously on its shift. Still, except for online shopping, marketers should leverage new technologies to create an outstanding in-store experience and apply the MarTech stack in-house to deliver an extra touch and tickle today’s shoppers through tomorrow’s tactics.

Below, you can watch how leveraging customer data can increase the Customer Lifetime Value up to 80% offering a seamless hybrid customer journey:

In Qivos, through Qivos Cloud, we enable brands to identify their consumers, analyze their behavior and connect with them in real-time. By collecting data in-store and online, Qivos builds unified customer profiles and bridges the online and physical store gap.

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