How to increase the CTR up to 15% through a daily NL campaign

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There is no doubt that all brands seek ways to communicate efficiently with their customers especially today when shoppers are willing to switch brands at any time. Do you want to learn how to build Newsletter campaigns and increase your Click-through-rate (CTR) up to 15%? Is that possible? At Qivos, we have already made it happen successfully several times for big brands, with the most recent example of Brands Galaxy case.

Our latest daily newsletter campaign, on behalf of Brands Galaxy, reached outstanding results such as increased total opens to 7% & total clicks up to 15%, decreasing notably total unsubscribes and complains.

The magic recipe that every brand should include in their agenda:
Personalized and targeted communication with shoppers, able to convince them that a brand does make the perfect fit for them. And to be one step ahead, fuel customers’ interest, addressing the proper content to different customer groups through the needed customer segmentation applied. Do not hesitate to increase the email communications from monthly to daily basis and keep the customers alerted.

If done right, that meaningful communication will bring a positive impact on brands’ awareness and revenue, increasing interactions between brands and customers while at the same time establishing bonds of intimacy.
Want to learn more about the ultimate newsletter strategy that will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing click-through-rate (CTR) up to 15% and as a result your sales?

It’s surely not a simple process.

Qivos’ moto is that successful customer engagement requires methodology and consistency.

Follow all the essential tips to plan step-by-step your daily newsletter campaign and transform customer loyalty into a unique, fun routine:

• Direct-to-customer (DTC) communication is a must, though brands need a clear view of the customers – prerequisite to taking actions that matter. The tool? Analytics, able to provide brands with a valuable overview of their customers. RFM and MTV analysis are advanced segmentation methods through which you can categorize customers into homogeneous groups and target them suitably, according to their behavior.

• After mapping the customers’ needs, make the brand-consumer interactions more personal in a daily basis. After all, all that matters is for brands to get closer to consumers and consumers will naturally engage with communications that they find relevant to their different needs. It’s time to create personalized content, focused on the diverse traits of each customer cluster.

Provide what people need and see how your CTR booms!

For example, you can segment your customers based on their purchase recency and create different content for those that haven’t purchased recently, those who have purchased recently, those who make purchases often, and the customers that are engaged with the brand. Make targeted call-to-actions and boost your clicks. Discounts, vouchers, extra points, instant win games, and free shipping should be on the table – as a reward for clicking and shopping or even for referring a friend. Design and send customized newsletters that call shoppers to play the “game” either through personal purchases or through referrals to their friends and win either way. It’s about a win-win for both the brands and the customers.

• Last but not least it is necessary for the campaign to be monitored and the results to be real-time available – total opens, total clicks, total unsubscribes & complains, how many customers who received the promo messaging proceed to purchase, how many of them did refer a friend etc. Optimize and monitor your newsletter strategy to determine which message works best for each customer group.

Through our expertise, we can help you design a daily newsletter campaign able to hit the beat. We have already done it for our clients with proven and measurable results booming the CTR up to 15%. Based on your needs, we make tailor-made creative proposals addressed to your customers’ preferences, and we build inspiring campaigns.

Reach us out today to discuss with Qivos’ customer loyalty experts, whether you have a support question, or a business inquiry. Click here to contact us!

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