Human Psychology in the context of Customer Loyalty

Psychology in CL
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Nowadays brands run into a competition of reaching customers’ appetite and be on top of successful customer loyalty. Do you want to learn everything you need to know on how to create exceptional customer experiences that will engage your customers and increase your sales and the CLV up to 80%?

Take customer loyalty to the next level, by following INTELIQUA’s tips and know-how in building customer trust and satisfying their needs by speaking to their heart. We have already mentioned the great importance of emotional bond in one of our latest blogs and we come back with this essential matter sharing some precious insights throughout the loyalty business.

Starting from scratch, technology is your ace in times when everyone is connected, but it’s not the only prerequisite bullet point in your agenda. Adding human behavioral science to your magic recipe is a key to success. Let’s dive into humanity in the context of loyalty schemes.

Discovering what customers as human beings really want, translating it adequately and using that information to reward them as they desire is essential. Research shows that as people, we are not hardwired to be loyal. Instead, we are looking a sense of security and trust, like we do seek in communities of any type to make the perfect connection. When a brand speaks into customer’s heart is way closer to increase CLV and sales, by keeping them on board and make them feel intimacy. Brands and retailers need to understand the emotional context of the human psyche and find out how to collect and translate the special traits of their customers to reach them and profoundly delight them.
How to do so? Collect customer data and analyze them to understand deeper customers’ behaviors and desires. Analytics such as RFM and MTV will contribute to customers’ segmentation and as a result to a way better and more personalized customer communication, leading to customer loyalty.

RFM and MTV analysis are advanced segmentation methods through which you can target specific clusters of customers with communications that are much more relevant for their behavior. These methods make it possible to categorize customers into homogeneous groups and get to know them better.
We all know that keeping your existing clientele costs far less than acquiring new customers. They come back more often, spend more, and they promote your brand by sharing their positive experiences with friends and family. It’s essentially a form of free marketing. Go beyond the power of your product or brand by fostering emotional loyalty. Don’t forget: an emotionally invested customer is a loyal customer.

According to Nielsen’s report:

• 81% of customers trust recommendations from their social cycle, as opposed to stories or propositions that come to them from brands and companies.

• 78% of customers say they’re not loyal to any one brand.

And of course, putting a truly unique perspective into table will forecast success.

Let’s not stay in communicating valuable rewards only through the traditional means of SMS, Viber, in-app & push notifications. That’s not enough in a constantly changing marketplace. Let’s make the big step in the marathon and expand the customer pampering and the special treatment trough a holistic approach of 24/7 customer service using interactive Viber chatbots. And way better? Let’s proceed to a 360 in-store communication with the customers. Except from the personal touch of the shop associates’ service, there’s even more. Using on-screen and sound messaging into stores and speak with your customers during the customer journey will get you closer to them, through a more touchy and interactive way, taking customer experience and loyalty to the next day.

If you want to learn more about all these innovative practices and differentiate from the competition, click here to contact with INTELIQUA’s team and create remarkable customer journeys that will last. Take a glimpse of INTELIQUA’s successful case studies and watch the following video that will give you a taste of what INTELIQUA can offer to you and your customers:

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