How to reach Black Friday success

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One of the most anticipated shopping events is just around the corner, and all the marketers are getting ready to struggle throughout the race of prices that it’s going to take place. Black Friday is a big sales day, started in the US and established in North Europe and the Greek market. Due to the massive purchases and the attractive offers, Black Friday has been extended from one day to one week and often to a couple of weeks: pre-Black Friday offers, weekly sales, first chance deals, etc.

Though this year it’s going to be a critical period. The constantly changing customers’ behavior tends to transform the whole marketplace figure. So, which are the key factors for choosing a brand during Black Friday?

There is no doubt that retailers face new challenges and need to stand out with innovative solutions, making their outstanding move for these big days. During the pandemic, the in-store shopping experience was forbidden or restricted by safety measures. Thus, consumers moved toward online shopping. In the post-Covid era, consumers seem to miss the interactive in-store shopping journey and prefer to see the products up close.

Retailers have already kicked off early Black Friday sales, but they need to be one step ahead except for focusing on prices. During Black Friday, consumers usually tend to be more sensitive to prices, but today there is also the fear of the crowd still in the picture. Loyal customers will purchase from the brands they are loyal to, but brands should show back their loyalty to them.

Contactless payment, e-receipts, click and collect methods must be on the table, respecting customers’ need to feel safe while shopping, alongside a well-organized marketing strategy. A winning customer experience strategy is one that deeply understands the customers, striving for their overall satisfaction. Creating a unified commerce environment and connecting the digital and brick-and-mortar stores brings the customers to the centre of the strategy, which is extremely vital.

A brand that shows its devotion to customers gains a competitive advantage during Black Friday’s time.

How can you exactly achieve that mutual loyalty from the marketers’ perspective? Personalized and consistent communication with the customer through targeted campaigns that promote relevant products to the right audience is the key to success. Brands should focus on creating engagement campaigns by collecting and translating customer data into valuable insights, considering all the potential consumer channels, such as the physical store, e-shop, mobile application, social media, SMS, print, emails, etc. In that way, they will combine price sensitivity and price intelligence, delivering value to the customers and succeed in a lucrative Black Friday Period, possibly regaining the loss of the past years.

Through Qivos Cloud, brands collect customer data across all touchpoints, create unified customer profiles, and accomplish personalized communication with the customers, unlocking significant benefits for the brands and the consumers.

Reach us out today to discuss with Qivos’ customer loyalty experts, whether you have a support question, or a business inquiry. Click here to contact us!

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