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Unified Customer profiles by QIVOS

5 reasons leading retailers create unified customer profiles

Do you think you know every individual of your prospect and customer universe? Unfortunately, despite the advanced marketing technology available today, many brands fail to effectively collect and properly use…

in-store marketing by QIVOS

How to improve customer experience with in-store marketing

In-store marketing is a powerful way to reach your customers and convert them into loyal connections for your brand. If done right, in-store marketing solutions can boost customer engagement and…

loyalty programs benefits - article by QIVOS

Understanding the value of loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are very effective tools for brands, offering numerous benefits. They help businesses drive more meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers and increase sales. Launching a loyalty program…

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation: An investment worth making today

Customers evolve. So does the marketing landscape. Today’s customers are in total control of their purchase journey, forcing brands to find effective ways to deliver compelling and personalized experiences at…

In-store marketing platform

In-store marketing: Everything you need to know

Consumers today don’t differentiate experience by online, mobile, social, or store. On the contrary, they have a holistic perception of the brand and demand a smart, fast and personalized experience…

Customer experiences

How to deliver great customer-first experiences

Nowadays shoppers expect high levels of customer satisfaction and demand seamless customer experiences whenever and wherever they interact with brands. According to Salesforce, 75% of consumers expect a consistent experience…

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