IKEA Family uses mobile loyalty app to reward their members.

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Mobile loyalty programs offer benefits for both consumers and companies.
With the increased penetration of smartphones, we should not be surprised when high percentages of millennials declare that they strongly appreciate communication through a mobile channel. Mobile technology means that consumers are likely never to miss a deal because they forgot their membership card or the voucher. What comes to our minds? Yes, apps is the end of the queue.
One of the hard points at loyalty programs is that they don’t get used. It is a fact that nowadays people constantly have their phones on them, and one phone can hold all the loyalty messages you want to share with your people. Remind to your customers to spend their points before they expire and to check in when they walk in the door. Suggest products they can spend their points on. You already know that with smart apps you can keep track of tour audience, target specific customers and influence specific behaviors.
Obviously, this is the best of times for loyalty programs and in Qivos we had early realized that.Leading brands in Europe, have already put their trust in us to make sure their marketing goes mobile. What they earned? The best of the communication with their customers and prospects.IKEA, the world’s largest furniture store is undeniably one of our Successful case studies.
We offered to IKEA GREECE a customer reward scheme based on our Loyalty Intelligence platform. Mobile marketing is the key in this scheme. IKEA FAMILY app was created by Qivos and thousands of members have been already registered and get information on special offers, news and seminars. Via push notifications the brand powers customers’ acquisition and enhance engagement. The application holds all the loyalty program’s information. The members can update their profile and check their collected points anytime. They are also able to discover stores’ special offers and attend events near their location. IKEA gives various rewards for the app’s users ( push notifications are sent to them for events like in store seminars and they get voucher after they have attended these events.) to build strong relationships with their customers.
Going mobile means you can personalize offers and rewards based on day, time, location, weather, past purchases – you know the deal – and a personalized reward is going to appeal more.

If customers are making their smartphones a valued part of their shopping experience, why don’t you do so?

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