4 ways CRM helps you listen to your customers

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Satisfaction Surveys
Why is important to have customers’ feedback? If your company is not gathering customer feedback, you may be making strategic business decisions that are not in line with your customers’ interests. Surveys can be run as CRM campaigns to request feedback from a contact list. Each survey is distributed to a marketing list with automated CRM tracking that captures each unique response. The most efficient and economical way to measure customer satisfaction is to create customer satisfaction surveys.
An advanced survey software solution can manage multi-mode survey research methods – produce the same survey in different formats; including online surveys, email surveys, paper surveys, mobile surveys, kiosk surveys, and telephone surveys – depending on the best way to reach your customer base.

Email Marketing

CRM solutions integrate with many email marketing services. If you’re not communicating with your customers right now by email, you are missing out on potential sales or orders. Synchronize CRM data and email marketing activity to improve the relevance of marketing programs and provide CRM users with a clear view into marketing activity. Track your customers’ actions, identify their interests and understand their preferences. Use your data to target your customers in your email campaigns. Automated emails save you time and keep your readers engaged.

Discover more why email marketing should be your absolute priority.

Tracking Customers’ Web Visits
Thanks to web tracking services, marketing teams can identify customers and prospects visits.CRM manages the activities around customer engagement, not the customer retention itself. If an existing customer visits your website it’s an opportunity to identify new sales requirements, or competitive threats based on the search terms they’ve used and which pages they’ve visited. Simply put, you can better organize and form your website.

Customer Order and Transaction History
With the benefit of order and transaction history data can be used to promote similar and upgraded services. You have the data.
In fact, CRM helps you have quality data. You only have to use them wisely and embody in your brand strategy.See what your customers have bought from you, how often and how recently have they purchased.

Increase lead generation from highly personalised marketing communications and customer lists that apply complete relationship and behavior detail stored in in CRM. It’s much easier to sell, if you know your customers.

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