3 Key- points in your Loyalty Program implementation

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1. Your Loyalty Program should be effectively promoted at the stores.
A well-designed Rewards program and an integrated promotion strategy between your website, social media, radio and billboards will not be likely to succeed unless the program is not effectively promoted where and when it matters most – in the store. Cashiers have to be well informed and talented to promote your loyalty scheme at the time the customer reach the cash desk.

2. Easy Enrollment and Utility
Imagine the reaction of your customer the time the cashier inform them that in order to be a member of the loyalty program they have to engage in a time-consuming procedure. They will most surely answer: “Thank you. Maybe next time”. The easier you make it for costumers to do business with you, the happier they’ll be. While it is normally best to sign up new loyalty members at the point-of-sale, the store’s high volume of transactions makes this difficult. Thus, the cashier should activate a standard loyalty card with instructions on the back explaining how to sign up online or through the app.

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3. No customer is worth ignoring until you know them.
Loyalty Programs can be harmful if customers perceive that they are marginalized as less valuable from others who are capable to be higher spenders. Of course a weekly customer should be more encouraged to join your Loyalty Program but by not incentivizing each customer to visit one more time per month, the store is missing out on $84 per year. Extrapolate that to millions of customers, and you have a very big missed opportunity. The brand should therefore seek to enroll all types of customers.

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