Why British companies reward their customers…

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Lead Stores in United Kingdom engage and reward repeat customers to increase brand experience and generate more sales. Although the strategy is basic, it can produce powerful results.
What success stories come by our minds? Sainsbury’s nectar cards, Tesco’s club, Starbucks rewards, Waitrose’s cards, IKEA Family Club and others.

What did they succeed?
• loyalty members engagement
• Newsletter mailing per month
• Frequency of visits at the stores
• Access to the website
• Probability of purchasing

That’s all actual sales!

So there is no question why driving brands choose to use consumer rewards programs to acquire new customers and increase the spending of existing.
Before adopting a customer loyalty initiative, businesses need to identify their objectives, comprehend their customers’ behavior and figure out how a reward program will fit with the organization’s overall business and marketing strategies. This is the point where an expert in loyalty marketing strategies takes over.

There are 4 steps to launching a loyalty scheme:
1. Design
2. Implement
3. Operate
4. Monitoring and Project Management

Every step demands deep comprehension, integrated technology systems and Strategy skills.
Qivos is a leading provider of Loyalty Programs and CRM Systems, in Europe and our clients recognize us as their reliable marketing consultant. The fact is we can help them to: “Sell over and over again”!

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