How to achieve true creativity in B2B campaigns?

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We are all aware of successful and creative B2C marketing campaigns. The success stories are plenty and every year more are added to the list. Basically, marketers are free to brainstorm and implement any crazy idea are set on the table. Customers today are open to a lot of things and companies are experimenting with several compelling ways to engage them.

On the other hand, flashy and imaginative new lead generation campaigns won’t work for B2B market. Creativity in B2B communications still stays behind B2C. As a result, the biggest challenge for B2B marketers is to create the appropriate content for their clients who are mostly professional executives.

So, the question is how to achieve true creativity in B2B campaigns?

Here are some basic principles that will help you achieve true creativity in B2B campaigns:

1. Don’t promote your products or services but the benefits of their use. For example, present the benefits and achievements you provided to your existing clients. Create a video or write a case study with engaging content.

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2. Communicate with humans, not with businesses. Understand that you don’t have to persuade the whole company to buy your product, but a specific executive, manager or director. So, create content that actually interest them. Send newsletter with valuable content according to their field of interests. Remind them of your existence through eye catching infographics, exciting news of your company or compelling offers.

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3. Don’t bombard your leads with information about your company. Business people already receive tones of data every day. Try to keep your company presentation brief, simple but compelling. A good example is to create an infographic with bright colors and shapes or a short video. Include the most important information that are good enough to make them contact you.

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