Two important factors in SMS Marketing

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SMS marketing is one of the strongest ways to deliver your business and services. Companies use SMS for direct communication with the customer influencing instantly his shopping behavior.

There are some issues though that should be taken seriously into account. Time and frequency are major concerns in SMS marketing.

Regarding time, make sure you are aware of time zones if your clients are not local. No one likes receiving a promotional text message during the night or very early in the morning.

Also, do not send discount SMS campaigns near to shops closing time; customers will not have enough time to use the discount and will end up dissatisfied. Provide them with time to response and visit the stores.

Frequency is a very sensitive issue of sms marketing as well. Companies usually send loads of SMS to their customers in a small timeframe, leading to customer complaints and eventually ignoring this communication channel. On the other hand, messaging your client once every 2 or 3 weeks is also not recommended.

So, it is highly suggested to text your clients:
• No more than twice per week
• No less than once per two weeks
• More than twice a week only in case the SMS contains promotional information or discount

Sms marketing is not only about increasing company’s sales but also about engagement. Build a solid and loyal relationship with your customers and make them wait for your weekly sms update.

More marketing tips are coming soon or you can contact QIVOS for immediate SMS marketing solutions.

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