“Traditional” vs online methods of registration in Loyalty schemes

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Acquisition is the first step to introduce customers to your loyalty scheme. Companies must analyze their customers’ behavior, determine registration points i.e. cashiers and choose the most suitable way of acquiring registrations.

Acquisition / Registration can be achieved via online registration, via onsite registration or even both. Why to choose online registration method?

1. Today customers are digital savvy and expect the same from you, too. In order to reach them you must follow the trends and offer online registration options followed with relevant friendly mobile app.

Qivos designed the microsite of IKEA FAMILY Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

2. Making your customers happy is the biggest win and to accomplish it, rich customers’ data are required. Gathering the data is not an easy task but managing and analyzing it is harder and requires time. Online registration makes managing data quicker since data entry and data validation time by an operator is not needed.

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Why to choose traditional registration method?

Traditional registration sometimes can be more direct and effective. Placing paper registration forms on the counters is a clear call to action. For example, Intersport offers both online and onsite registration but onsite registration noticed 25% more responsiveness. It seems that in this case customers are more willing to register while being physically in store rather than go online. In addition, Intersport members can register in the partners gyms and physical centers, enhancing even more Intersport’s sport spirit.

Stay tuned for more simple-to implement ideas of loyalty schemes’ registrations process.

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