#ask the expert : QIVOS insights vol 1

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Theory is good but the real insights are discovered inside every company. So, we asked a technology recognized expert with extensive experience within Marketing Technology 4 basic questions to determine some loyalty insights.

Agis Kefallinos is the Principal Software Engineer in QIVOS with an extensive record of implementing software development lifecycle methodologies.
Let’s see what insights Agis can provide us?

1.How does QIVOS use technology to complete its mission?

I think the actual competitive advantage of QIVOS is the way technology and business meet each other and cooperate in the optimal way. There are many competitors out there being too technical or some others being too business oriented, lacking technical infrastructure.
We at QIVOS have managed to blend these two aspects in a way that makes our services more solid and more comprehensive.

2.At what level the term business has influenced the way you use technology?

The actual driving force for any new project is the business need. Technology has no actual value if there isn’t any actual need to support it. Take Steve Jobs for an example. He was never a great technician but he had the gift to interpret a business need/opportunity to something technical.

3.What is the biggest myth regarding CRM & Loyalty systems?

Many managers believe that the hard work is to launch a new CRM/Loyalty system. The truth is that the actual work begins after the launch through data analysis and fine-tuning. Any system needs the right people to “run” it and this is a continuous procedure. People that run the system also need to provide meaningful statistical results showing how good it goes and examine if there are ways to improve it.

4.What are the biggest technological opportunities/challenges facing Qivos today?

I think scaling and deployment are the 2 major challenges of the IT department these days. Lately many new technologies and services have popped up to save the day but still many of them are quite immature to trust for a production environment and extensive testing is always needed.

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