#ask the expert : Qivos insights vol 2

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Following the blog post #ask the expert : Qivos insights vol 1 , it is time to uncover some new insights regarding the importance of data quality in loyalty schemes. So, we asked an Operations expert to answer us 3 basic questions on data quality and customer service.

Zacharias Lalaounis is the Operations Director in QIVOS and has a proven record of operational efficiency.

1.The importance of data quality is undeniable. However, how data quality could be accomplished along with the rapidity required in work conditions?

Loyalty scheme could not be successful without data quality. The successful balance between speed and quality is the department’s main concern and goal as well. In order to keep improving quality and speed, IT tools have been developed to provide automatic tests and repairs on corrupted data. These tools are being developed and improved on a daily basis based on our many years of experience, our constantly developing expertise as well as our clients’ needs.
Alongside, our personnel is under frequent training in order to improve the two major factors, quality and speed, ensuring a high level of services to our clients.

2.What do you think is the most valuable advice/instruction you give to each member of your Customer Service team? Tell us something we don’t already know!

Our main objective is reflected in these 3 words: Effectiveness- Consistency- Flexibility.
Our purpose is to become effective in all the things we operate, from the simplest task to the most complicated. We aim at being consistent regarding our effectiveness and to deliver constantly qualitative results for all our clients. For this purpose, operations department constantly strives to improve the quality of Qivos services on a daily basis.

3.Which is the most frequent error that occurs in the data entry department and how is it encountered?

Throughout the data entry process, the most common mistake is related to human factor.
Following our internal procedures, these mistakes are detected and fixed quickly and effectively by our expert team.

Stay tune for upcoming #asktheexpert insights or get in touch with one of our marketing technology experts now.

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