Seasonal marketing:back to school promos

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When you plan your yearly marketing strategy don’t forget to include seasonal marketing opportunities such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Another great seasonal marketing opportunity is at the beginning of September when customers throw away their beach bags and start looking for backpacks and school essentials.

Companies take advantage of this seasonal need by launching ‘back to school promos’, aiming to bring traffic back in stores after the usually not high turnover in August, increase brand awareness and gain profits.

Last year, QIVOS made an experiment regarding the effectiveness of back to school promos for one of its clients. A discount SMS was sent to the whole client basis excluding the 10 % in order to analyze the behavior of customers who didn’t receive the SMS. Did the promo actually had value?

What did Qivos observed?
• Overall, sms recipients offered an 8% response rate.
• 7% of the clients that didn’t receive the promo, visited the store during the promo period.
• Comparing those two segments, the back to school promo offered 8, 57% of incremental sales.

At Qivos, we never let a marketing opportunity go wasted. That’s why big retail companies such as Accessorize and Factory Outlet trust our marketing and loyalty services and use back to school promos to trigger high incremental sales.

Find out more about Accessorize and Factory outlet loyalty schemes, designed by Qivos.

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