How to drive customer engagement with social listening

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Today brands have the opportunity to track and react to users at social media in various ways. Social listening is an essential approach for marketers that not only enables them to monitor their social media accounts but also connect with their customers beyond a purchase, building loyalty.

Here are 3 ways social listening can help you drive engagement-based loyalty and stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

1.Collect valuable data for your audience

Today, customers interact with brands and share their experiences with others via social media all the time. By listening to your customers on social media, you can gain valuable insights for your audience; their thoughts, their specific questions about your products or services, their ideas, and suggestions. Focus on tracking feedback from their comments at both your posts and your competitors’ social media pages too.

It is also important to remember to frequently check your messages on your social accounts, and, of course, reply to all of them. Don’t forget that Facebook notifies your fans how fast you reply to messages (average response rate). This is an indicator of what customers should expect from the communication with your brand via your business page and a huge opportunity for you to deliver personalized experiences and exceptional customer service.

2.Create quality & engaging content

Social listening helps marketers from all industries find and understand what type of content their customers share so they can add it later to their content strategy. This research will also help you understand better what topics your customers are searching for and create content that gives the solution to these specific problems. It is very likely that they will engage more and return to your brand in order to find useful content again.

In addition, by giving them relevant and useful content, you show them your appreciation and that you listen to their problems, trying to be there for them, engage and connect with them in real-time.

3.Measure customer loyalty

Through social media and communities, you can measure the specific actions that users take when interacting across customer touchpoints. Either you are running a customer loyalty program or you simply want to track engagement, social listening will help you gain both quantitative and qualitative metrics for your loyalty marketing efforts.

From social mentions of your brand to customer service calls, marketing professionals can know now where and why customers are engaging socially. These insights will help them create personalized messages, craft tailor-made campaigns, and profile their customers, improving customer engagement and loyalty.

As more and more users seek to engage with brands in the same channels they communicate with their friends, social listening is a great way to create customer engagement and loyalty. Social insights will benefit all parts of your organization: from marketing to customer service and product development.

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