Why your customer loyalty program shouldn’t just reward purchases

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Today customers are always online, have access to more choices, and can easily switch to other brands. Basically, they have fewer reasons to be loyal than ever before. But consumers aren’t necessarily just interested in saving money. Enhanced customer service, mobile rewards, and the ability to earn special treatment have become more important over the past few years.

Customer loyalty

Many brands fail to address the emotional complications of customer loyalty. They ignore parts of the customer lifecycle as they mainly focus on the “buy” stage. This limits the customer relationship to the number and frequency of purchases. But if you want to drive more meaningful and lasting customer relationships, you should evolve your customer loyalty approach by thinking of other things you can reward your customers for.

The best customer loyalty programs don’t just engage with and reward shoppers when they make purchases – they also give points for a variety of different actions.

Reward your customers for:

  • writing reviews
  • giving feedback
  • hashtagging photos
  • referring friends
  • connecting on social

Actions like this can enhance the customer experience while doing marketing work on company’s behalf.

QIVOS has implemented a variety of loyalty programs, offering the above, here you can have a look at some case studies

Whether your company is designing a new loyalty program, refreshing an old one, or evaluating a current one, QIVOS has the know-how to help you build a loyalty strategy that will accelerate profits and build customer loyalty. Find here everything around Loyalty Strategy solution.

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