4 key tactics for a successful engagement strategy

Customer engagement strategies by QIVOS
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In today’s hypercompetitive environment, most businesses are struggling to retain their customers and convert them into loyal ambassadors. What has changed is the customer journey and the way customers interact with brands.

Today’s connected customers begin their journey a lot earlier than they make a purchase. They can easily search for their favorite products or services in multiple channels and get the same or similar ones at lower prices. This means that brands no longer compete on the product or the price, but on the experience they provide to customers.

An effective customer engagement strategy is vital when it comes to delivering this experience. Here are 4 key factors that will help you design a winning strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

Understand the connected customer

To meet customers’ expectations for a smarter experience, you need to put the customers first. Get a deep understanding of their behavior, preferences, shopping habits, demographics and manage their interactions across all touchpoints. Only by realizing their power and analyzing their complex shopping behavior, you can reach them effectively and build meaningful relationships with them.

Extra tip: Invest in the right technology solution to collect and manage customer data from all structured and unstructured sources and create comprehensive unified customer profiles.

Add personalization

Personalization is the key to customer engagement in both online and offline environments. With marketing automation tools and the right technology in place, personalization becomes an easy process. Start with email marketing automation to execute personalized email campaigns with the right message for each customer, at the right moment.

Extra tip: Remember to stay consistent across all channels.

Don’t take your customers for granted

As human beings, we like to be appreciated and feel unique. Therefore, you need to reward your loyal customers for being connected with you and not take them for granted. Loyalty programs could be a huge help in keeping your customers engaged and happy which maximize their lifetime value and brand advocacy.

Measure your efforts

To achieve the best outcome out of your customer engagement efforts, develop a performance management system based on a set of proven KPIs. Start analyzing these metrics and work to continually improve customers’ experiences.

Customer engagement has a great impact on the brand image. By improving customer engagement, you are improving customer satisfaction and retention. Use technology to reach the multi-channel shoppers faster and leverage data to unlock the next level of customer experience.

QIVOS helps brands build unique customer experience strategies and reach their customers in the most profitable way. Our clients trust us to create positive unified brand experiences in all touchpoints. View our work here.


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