Benefits of unified customer data

Unified customer data
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The overall consumer behavior has changed significantly, forcing brands to rethink their strategy and adapt a unified approach to properly use all the information available and deliver personalized customer experiences.  Most brands have managed to leverage online channels, collecting and using valuable data through digital channels. But, in order to be successful in today’s competitive customer experience battleground, you need to combine all this data from the online channels with the offline world. Bridging the gap between online and offline should be your next investment leading you towards a more holistic customer view.

Read on to learn why you need to make data flow between online and offline channels to make meaningful and loyal connections with your customers.

Critical insights

Unified customer data helps you expand your customer vision and get a 360-degree customer view. There are various platforms that enable you to safely gather and manage customer data from structured and unstructured sources from a single point. Building unified behavior profiles helps you get deep activity and insights on each customer and monitor their impact through custom, real-time analytics. Make sure you collect and analyze customer data and use them throughout the customer lifecycle.

Extreme personalization

Personalization is key. By accessing advanced analytics and intelligent insights, you can make highly personalized campaigns across all customer touchpoints. Real-time product recommendations based on true customer preferences and needs is now doable. Retailers can not only deliver an integrated cross-channel experience to customers, but they can also drive revenue and business growth.

Cross-channel measurement

With the rise of the Connected customer, the online and offline world have become one. Shoppers switch from one channel to another, from digital to physical and vise versa demanding a seamless experience. Through connected data, you can optimize these experiences across all touchpoints and get the most out of the relationship with your customers. From purchase history, demographic profiles and micro-moments, to email, phone calls, social media interactions, and loyalty program engagement, you can properly gather and combine customer information in one place and understand what works and what doesn’t for your multi-channel customers.

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Unified Customer data is the CMO’s secret weapon. However, the key is to provide this data to all the departments of the organization as customer experience and customer loyalty are not only a responsibility of the marketing department but of the whole company.

In QIVOS we believe that customers’ value is hidden in their data. Understanding customers’ behavior across all channels enables decisions that transform businesses.

Are you thinking of elevating your approach to provide a better experience for your customers? Contact us today.


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