Your vision. Your strategy. What about consistency?

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Your personal vision of your brand’s story is your starting point.
Your vision becomes your strategy and your strategy becomes your day to day activities; So you’ve defined your target market, developed compelling positioning, established a competitive analysis and advantage, and packaged your products in a clear and relevant way.
Now it’s time to get your message to the world out there; direct mail, email, sms, micro sites, e-surveys, push notifications, social media and all the fun stuff you’ve decided are the best fit for you.
But what if you belong to the 84% of marketers who have no time to run this or who actually have the time but need guaranteed consistency on the execution of the plan?
There is always a great option to consult a team of experts to run this for you and to share their expertise and experience with your team.
We call it Micro Selling.
Micro Selling is a simple, smart and effective way to achieve incremental sales and maximize marketing R.O.I.

With micro selling you will be able to:

  • Sharpen your marketing strategy
  • Engage with your customers, real time
  • Utilize multiple communication channels
  • Suggest powerful calls to action
  • Become more proactive and effective
  • Personalize your messages
  • Consistently execute your annual marketing plan
  • Adjust your marketing strategy and efforts
  • Efficiently use your marketing budget
  • Sell. Over and over again!

Combine Micro Selling with powerful marketing analytics such as RFM or Multivariate to achieve even better bottom line results.
Start now!

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