Why Email Marketing Should Be Your Absolute Priority

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Companies are always changing and evolving, and your customers expect it. What they don’t expect is to be told about those changes. Surprise them with an email. Big companies / brands such as Marks & Spencer, IKEA and Jo Malone have already seen this huge opportunity of communication with their clients and have included email campaigns in their communication strategy.

Sending email messages is very important to enhance your relationship with your current or previous customers, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. Moreover, email reduces delays in communication and is cheaper and faster than traditional mail. However, the most significant benefit of email campaigns is that they provide full statistical analysis of open rates, click rates, unique opens, time of the day etc. By tracking every single click, you will know what your customer likes, what link he visited, and the image that was most compelling to your reader’s eyes. Thus, next time you shall be able to improve the open rate or click rate of your newsletter.

The following infographic shows the email campaign facts in 4 countries, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Romania, which took place in 2014, according to Qivos’s report.

Considering a 2% average click rate in the total industry, there is definitely a potential of improvement and progress in email promo actions.

Qivos infographic email reports 2014
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