Your mini-guide to customer loyalty

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Achieving customer loyalty today is priority number one for most businesses. While many modern companies are struggling to successfully meet their customers’ needs, the customer experience is the only way to success. The image of the customer could get clearer with the right technology solution in place, along with the know-how to address the current challenges.

We at QIVOS, have practiced brand loyalty for years for some of the world’s most beloved brands helping them win their customers’ trust and maximizing the Customer Lifetime Value.

Here’s some of our best content regarding customer loyalty and useful tips to help you drive customer engagement and retention.

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Are you considering investing in a loyalty program? Which is the best option? In-house or outsource? This dilemma may also exist if you have a shopping center and thinking of creating a multi-brand loyalty program. In any case, the first step is to design a loyalty strategy that will help you define the goals and the structure of your program. Make sure your strategy is customer-centric and is designed based on the unified commerce model.

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