Multi-brand loyalty programs: 3 steps to success

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In today’s competitive retail market, shopping malls are struggling to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Therefore, most shopping centers are already incorporating loyalty marketing into their strategy. Multi-brand loyalty programs are an effective way to engage customers through real reward feeling and deliver unique customer experiences.

Apart from attracting new customers, through loyalty programs you collect valuable customer data that help you get a deeper understanding of your customer and his shopping behavior.

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Here are three ways to improve your multi-brand (also known as umbrella loyalty program) loyalty program.

Put tenants at the center of the loyalty program

One of the main concerns that mall owners usually express is that they don’t know how they can effectively engage their tenants. By putting them at the center of the loyalty program and presenting all the benefits they will acquire, you can overcome such challenges. What is more, in this way, you make tenants feel more important and, thus more loyal to you.

QIVOS has implemented the customer loyalty program of the largest Greek Outlet store with more than 200 brands.

Discover now the success story of Factory Outlet’s loyalty program, fully designed and developed by QIVOS.

Easy rewards and redeem system

Shopping centers offer a wide range of brands under one roof and this is why they are preferred by many people. However, consumers today expect a shopping experience that will enable them to move seamlessly across all channels.

Develop a loyalty program that will have a clear and simple registration and redeem process for the users. The key here is to deliver positive personalized experiences to customers to build strong relationships with them and stay at the top of their minds.

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Think beyond the transactions

Today customers are always online, have access to numerous choices, and can easily switch to other brands. However, they aren’t necessarily just interested in saving money. Enhanced customer service, mobile rewards, and the ability to earn special treatment have become more important to them over the past few years.

If you want to drive more meaningful and lasting customer relationships, offer unique incentives. Reward shoppers for different actions besides purchases, such as writing reviews, referring friends, and more.

Are you thinking of incorporating an umbrella loyalty program? Contact QIVOS team or find out more about QIVOS’s successful loyalty programs here.

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