What can be the best software to manage loyalty points of retail store customers?

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Every business has the same core goals in attracting, engaging and retaining customers. You must operate in the best interest of your customers in order to maximize revenues earned through them. You also want to attract new customers, as well as increase the spending and overall value of existing customers. The hardest goal to achieve is that of retaining, thanking and rewarding your loyal and dedicated customers. So you need a software program which will help you attain all these goals while automating the process so this is easy and effective for you to do.

Being a retail store, therefore is a lot of customer information needed to be managed. By using software to manage loyalty points you can track the effectiveness of loyalty program effortlessly. Except that, the software should extract useful and meaningful results and statistics, so the retailer can appreciate overall and bring out a right solution for their store.

Using a technology based system gives you great analytics (reporting). This allows you to see how often your customer comes in as well as communicate with them automatically when they haven’t been in for a while, you have a special promotion, on their birthday, etc. You’ll also want a system that allows them to communicate with you without having to look up your phone number. You will want an all-inclusive program that would further allow you to create your own campaign.

QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) offers a scalable, flexible and secure platform that can completely cover from A to Z all functionalities and procedures that are necessary for a seamless multi-partner, multi – layer loyalty scheme operation and maintenance. From member registration and reward to customer engagement processes, error free data handling, seamless operation, adaptability to complex demands and customizable actionable reporting tools for instant market feedback. Customer Intelligence platform is the best solution for managing your loyalty program and gain from it.

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