Social networks or shopping platforms?

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The next day for Social Media platforms, has arrived. The initiate role of Social Media was the communication between people and the immediate information for any kind of news around the world.

As the time pass and Social Media invaded our daily lives, brands realized that the next step for them was to create “social” profiles and become favorable and preferable from users/consumers. But the evolution doesn’t stop; Social Media provide challenges and opportunities for brands and a new shopping experience is in progress greeting a new retail world.

Social Media platforms are transformed to shopping platforms, as through the consuming behavior of their users, companies can approach them effectively and motivate them to shop, as easy as they make a “like” to their beloved post. Also, consumers have access to great offers and they can see reviews of other consumers, as Social Media are in favor of creating “testimonials”.
Window shopping has never been so popular. Companies should find the platform which is more close to their products/services and adapt all benefits that Social Media use provide for every brand.

Bottom line, it seems that social shopping beats old-fashioned shopping. It brings all the products into one place and help customers stop skipping around from site to site searching for the best offer. Social tools act as online word of mouth recommendations which is the most trusted among consumers.

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