Omni-channel marketing in retail

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Retail marketing is changing. Omni-channel is the new norm in retail marketing strategies; it’s a holistic approach for shopping experience which include mobile devices and social media in combination with traditional sales channels. Company must leverage all channels to build a successful Omni-channel strategy; thus improving customer loyalty through increasing customer satisfaction.

Exponentially use of technology introduced a new generation of consumers. Nowadays, Omni-channel shoppers demand to be able to shop anywhere, any time, from any location and request faster delivery of their privileges of each purchase. Also, companies by improving customer experience, they enhance sales, loyalty and business performance; hence, a unique profitable relationship is created for both sides.

It is essential for companies to evolve Omni-channel approach as their sales and their winnings will increase and consumers will have more ways to shop and interact with their favorite brand. Alongside, shoppers have more choices as they are empowered, connected and informed.

Trends for 2016 reveal that brands following an Omni channel strategy will continue to thrive and improve customer experience. QIVOS (former CLOUDBIZ) helps brands define the proper Omni-channel strategy for increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Check out QIVOS’s loyalty facts infographic, which is based on omni-channel strategies.

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