Loyalty insights: Take the opportunity today

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One of the main reasons why your customer loyalty program might have a poor performance is you miss the data and insights opportunity.

Nowadays, although brands could focus more on their customers and use insights to learn about who their customers are, what really motivates them, and how they interact with their products and services, only a few organizations have used and acted on them. According to Forrester, only 7% of marketers mention customer data collection as a top-three business objective for their customer loyalty strategies.

Keeping customers delighted and returning to you is not easy, but not that difficult either. By gaining valuable insights through a customer loyalty program, and using them to deliver personalized experiences to customers, you build strong connections with them and therefore win their trust.

Here are some ways loyalty insights can help you create unique customer experiences across the customer journey. Loyalty insights can:

  • Help your customers discover new products
  • Encourage them to explore product and services
  • Make the purchase process easier
  • Provide better customer service through personalized communications
  • Boost customer engagement

Apart from the need to deeply understand the value of customer insights for your brand, it is also important to have the right systems and processes to act upon insights from the loyalty program data. Make sure you collect and analyze customer data and use them throughout the customer lifecycle.

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At QIVOS we believe that customers’ value is hidden in their data. Understanding customers’ behavior across all channels enables decisions that transform businesses. Do you want to discover more ways to use loyalty insights? Contact our team or visit our website here.

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