IKEA Greece & Cyprus turns tourist customer to loyal member!

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Greece and Cyprus are destinations that attract lots of tourists each year; moreover, many of them own a holiday house in those countries and choose IKEA for their summer house shopping. As a reflection, a need to reward the tourist customer was created.

IKEA in cooperation with Qivos designed the tourist card to fulfill that business need. The tourists’ IKEA FAMILY card is addressed to regular customers, who are not domestic residents, and wish to join the IKEA Family loyalty program.

Currently, domestic residents are registered online through IKEA Family micro site or info-kiosks in store and receive their personalize loyalty card via mail in their home address. On the other hand tourist customers fill a paper registration form, receive immediately the loyalty card and get rewarded on their purchases.

What has IKEA accomplished?
• Real reward feeling to all loyal customers regardless their local residence.
• A holistic loyalty scheme that satisfy all customers’ needs.
• Enhance company’s vision to provide a range of home furnishing products and unique privileges to the many people, not just the few.

Check the success story of IKEA FAMILY in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, designed and implemented by Qivos.

tourist card
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