How to connect shopping mall tenants under one loyalty scheme?

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Shopping malls are highly preferred by customers because they offer a wide range of brands under one roof. Today, most shopping malls use loyalty schemes as the most effective way to engage customers through real reward feeling and significant value.

The question is how shopping mall tenants can adopt the same loyalty scheme?

“Check the success story of Factory Outlet’s loyalty scheme, designed by QIVOS here.”

Qivos lately implemented the loyalty scheme of the largest Greek Outlet store with more than 200 brands. In more detail, loyal members receive points for their purchases and redeem them via vouchers on their favorite brands. The rule of thumb is that all members’ transactions are recorded in POS and stored online in a central loyalty platform; nevertheless, tenants use different POS infrastructure and direct communication with central unit is not cost-effective.

Qivos introduced an innovative solution to overcome this and collect member’s transactions without using POS infrastructure. Tenants use tablets to record transactions via an easy to use and advanced android application. The tenant connects to the app, scans the loyalty member’s card and adds rewards points or redeems vouchers. The app is available on the android playstore and is automatically updated in tenant’s tablet.

So, in case your company wants to handle different brands including tenants’ stores under one loyalty scheme you know who is the right partner for you.

Find out more about QIVOS Successful loyalty schemes here.

Stay tuned for more hints and tips on loyalty schemes!

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