4 steps to boost customer engagement in 2017

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One of the key challenges for businesses today is to make their customers truly engage with their product and services, either in the offline or the digital world. Most companies focus their efforts only on bringing traffic to the online store and start tracking visits. But what happens after you manage to bring foot traffic to your store and increase website visitors?

Taking into consideration that the customer journey begins a lot earlier than the time the shopper makes a purchase, brands should find ways to communicate with their customers and interact with them during all the stages of the customer lifecycle.

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Here are 4 steps to increase engagement with your customers and improve not only their shopping experience but also their loyalty to your brand.

Keep them happy

To engage your customers means to keep them satisfied and happy. In order to do that, you have to address their pain points and try to solve them. For example, is your customer looking for other payment methods than the ones that you are are offering? Don’t just ignore them. Try to give them alternatives and make it easy for them to shop from your store.

Social listening

How do you know which are your customers’ problems and pain points? You just have to listen to them. Customer feedback is gold. People like to share their experiences, either they are good or not. Social listening is a great way to find what your customers are talking about and what they really want from your brand. Take this opportunity to engage with your customers in a whole new way.

Personalize your campaigns

With marketing automation tools and the right technology in place, personalization becomes an easy process. Start with email marketing automation to execute personalized campaigns with the right message for each customer, at the right moment. Remember to stay consistent across all channels.

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Customer operations

Provide your customers with the ultimate customer experience daily. This will help convert them into repeat and loyal customers and will increase your referrals. Customer support is key in building trust with your customers, so make sure you invest time to properly train your team.

Customer engagement can influence the brand image. By improving customer engagement, you improving customer satisfaction and retention. Invest in technology solutions that enable you to reach the unified customers, track their shopping behaviors and manage all these multi-channel interactions effectively. Use data to unlock the next level of customer experience and convert your customers into loyal connections to your brand.

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