What are the costs of a loyalty programme’s implementation and operation?

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It is really important to understand the parameters of the costs relating to the design of a loyalty programme. The cost of a complete loyalty programme is affected by:

  • The percentage of the customer reward.
  • The design and implementation of services.
  • The supporting marketing material that will accompany the programme.
  • The required technology that will support the programme.
  • The human resources for its daily operation.

CloudBiz is a pioneer in motivating and accelerating customer loyalty. For us, loyalty is not a mere bunch of cards and points but rather a vehicle of profitability.

We have the competence to make money for our customers.

At CloudBiz, what we suggest as the first step is a complete commercial design (a business plan for the programme). At this stage, we define the objectives of your company and analyse the best practices, choosing the format that is most suitable for each sector. We design the process (registration, rewarding, redemption, customer service), evaluate the programme and calculate the estimated ROI.

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