How to improve customer experience with in-store marketing

in-store marketing by QIVOS
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In-store marketing is a powerful way to reach your customers and convert them into loyal connections for your brand. If done right, in-store marketing solutions can boost customer engagement and drive customer retention.

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Want to see in-store marketing in practice?

Meet Jane. She is a real fan and loyal member of CUBE brand!

Jane’s path to purchase contains many different stages and a lot more opportunities to engage with & delight her.

Watch Jane’s path to purchase in the following video along with innovative ways of how you can effectively reach your customers during the store visit.

Which in-store marketing solutions are you using for your store to boost customer engagement and loyalty?

QIVOS has the know-how to help you build effective strategies that help you incentivize your customers to engage more with your products and services and build long-term relationships with them.

Contact our customer experience experts to learn more!

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