[Infographic] The role of mobile for shoppers in-store

How are shoppers using mobile in-store?
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According to a Facebook IQ survey, mobile plays a key role for shoppers during the store visit.

Which mobile phone apps and services did shoppers use on their phones during their last retail store visit?  How do customers feel about ads on their mobile devices while they are browsing in-store?

Find out the answers on our infographic below along with some interesting findings about the in-store customer experience.  

The role of mobile in in-store marketing

Key takeaways for marketers!

Why should modern marketers care about why and how their shoppers are using mobile in their store? Understanding your shoppers’ actions on mobile means new real-time marketing opportunities to explore.

Find more takeaways below!

  • Mobile usage while in-store is on the rise
  • New opportunities for fashion marketers to influence purchases
  • Understanding customers’ mobile behavior means new real-time marketing opportunities to explore
  • Personalized offers and coupons are key to providing superior CX
  • Get a clear view of today‚Äôs connected customer shopping journey
  • Leverage mobile moments
  • Connect store data to the rest of the CMO world
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