How to reach the Connected Customer effectively

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Technology is changing the way consumers shop and interact with brands. Businesses should leave behind the traditional shopper and look for effective ways to reach the new breed of customer: The Connected Customer.

The Connected Consumer is here

According to Bain & Company survey, people reach for their mobile phones about 200 times per day. In these mobile moments, shoppers expect brands to understand their preferences and offer relevant messages to them.

But, how should companies manage to deliver a seamless experience to this new type of customers?

The first step is to deeply understand each stage of the customer lifecycle.

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Reaching the Connected Customer means you deliver a unified shopping experience whenever they interact with your brand. Of course, managing all these interactions and customer data requires the right tools in place. This is where technology steps in. CRM and marketing automation solutions will be your secret weapons when it comes to customer experience.

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Improving customer loyalty

Thinking of your customers as transactions will lead you to the wrong direction, plus, it might cost you your customers’ trust. Think beyond the transactions because Connected Customers seek for more. They want convenience at every channel and seamless experiences. This is what you should be offering to them at every interaction they have with your products or services if you aim to convert them into loyal customers.

A great way to win your customers is to provide highly personalized offers and incentives that add value to them. Connect with your audience on a personalized and human level. Encourage customer interactions by making them feel special and letting them know your appreciation with benefits that appeal to their emotions. In this way, you will create meaningful relationships with them.

Everyone, both consumers and businesses, is going to be impacted by the new connected experiences. The question is, are you ready to effectively address these challenges and turn the Connected Shoppers into high-valued customers for your brand?

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