Customer Loyalty in 2016 #2 Why add proximity in your marketing strategy?

proximity marketing
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Is proximity marketing a new tactic? Of course not! Proximity marketing got introduced to the public around 2008. Due to the fact that it was the beginning of the smartphones era, it didn’t find widespread usage. But it managed to open marketer’s eyes and minds about the potential of location-based marketing.

Now, 8 years later, that everyone in the world uses a mobile device with an internet connection and the 84%* use a mobile device to help shop while in the store, the time to focus on location-based-real-time-marketing has come!

Proximity marketing is all about marketing to the consumers at the right time, the right place delivering the right message. More specifically proximity marketing actions are based on how near a consumer is on a specific location and how to push him, by delivering a personalized and relevant notification, to make a purchasing decision.

By using beacons, marketers can send to customers push notifications, coupons, or valuable information about specific products straight to their smartphones, when they are in a certain area, and by using a more targeted and personalized way. And that’s the value; brands can interact with customers and deliver rich content instead of annoying them. Customers can now use their smartphone as a personal shopper or as a guide for getting information on the exact product they are looking on.

Through proximity marketing, brands can be on the customer’s side at the moment of truth; the moment of buying decision! They should focus on it because it needs low-cost technology and easy deployment while allows a deeper understanding of customers, and their behavioral patterns.

Here in QIVOS, we make loyalty strategy having on the top the consumer’s behavioral patterns and how to deliver our customers always great, and measurable results. Have a look at our projects here.


* Source: Mobile In-Store Research How in-store shoppers are using mobile devices
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