Benefits of incorporating multi brand loyalty schemes

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Customers need to be connected with brands and brands need to keep them loyal. In order to achieve that there are various loyalty programs that brands can adopt in their marketing strategy. While single-company cards are most widespread and many of us are members of many of them having lots of plastic cards in our wallet the multi-brand loyalty programs have come to stay!

A multi-brand loyalty scheme connects different stores with different audiences and develops a lot of benefits for both consumers and brands.

More specifically the multi-brand loyalty schemes (or umbrella loyalty schemes as they are known) can give consumers benefits such as:

  • Gathering and redemption of points across many brands
  • The opportunity to collect many points quickly and easily
  • Personalized and combinatorial offers from diverse brands

While multi-brand loyalty scheme idea sounds much valuable for the consumers, it is very efficient for the brands as well. Brands can benefit of

  • Centralized data system, on which the brands can collect overall data for the customers
  • Cross marketing campaigns including more than one brands
  • Customer Direction to shop from brands from which they have never shopped before

In QIVOS we have implemented among others successful multi-brand loyalty schemes for the Folli Follie Group (FFGroup Exclusive) as well as for the Factory Outlet (Check In & Win). You can read the article for FFGroup Exclusive here and for Check in & Win here.

Stay tuned to learn more about multi-brand loyalty schemes.

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