6 benefits of using cloud based POS system for your retail store

cloud pos
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Cloud POS system is the new trend that retailers follow and love to use every day.
It’s a big reality that, the cost of switching from the traditional in-store point-of-sale system to a cloud-based version, that can be run remotely, is significant less than all costs expected when keep using the traditional and old-fashioned POS hardware in store.

Cloud POS systems are compatible with every type of POS hardware including peripherals as printers, drawers, etc. Basically, you just need a secure and reliable WIFI connection.

But which are the real benefits of using a cloud POS system in your store?

1. Live data access
Most cloud services are directly connected to your iPhone app letting you manage live your sales data and make optimal stocking decisions on real time from anywhere. This software helps you to identify trends in your products’ sales. Combine demographics with products segmentation and you shall have the perfect buyer profile.

2. System upgrades are cost effective
Every time that the retailer needs to upgrade Windows or reinstall POS vital applications faces unlimited cost implications. Live and automatic updates of cloud POS software guarantee a cost effective solution.

3. Cost of traditional systems vs cloud POS software
Cloud POS is operating as a software as a service model. SaaS is more of a partnership model in that you pay a monthly fee only and you can cancel at any time. These monthly fees cover software, support, backups and future upgrades.

4. Consistency

Inventory handling is a common pain for your store. And if you add an online store this can really be a change of heart every time that you need to identify remaining stocks. Cloud POS system helps you have a common inventory in your fingertips on real time and most of all consistent.

5. Promotions management
With all these sales happening every day you definitely need to increase your customer’s loyalty. Can you think of a better way rather than making promotion marketing on real time i.e. giving a 10% discount at the time that your customer proceeds to his purchase in a specific day?

6. Increased data security

In a cloud POS system, your businesses can feel relieved knowing that their data will be secure. There is no need to worry about backing up data or losing it in the event of a power outage or hardware malfunction since all data is kept in cloud and can be easily restored.

QIVOS main strategy is to use cloud POS systems and leverage all these benefits for its clients. Learn more about its services here.

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