3 ways to engage customers with B2C marketing automation

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Today, most companies are struggling not only to gain the attention of their customers, but also to fully meet their expectations for personalized communication. While there are many tactics that marketing experts can use to better engage their customers, marketing automation combines technology, data, and trends to take your communication efforts to the next level.
Here are three examples to incorporate into your marketing strategy.

1. Email automation

Interacting with your target audience real – time throughout their customer journey is now possible and -even better- easy. How? The answer lies within an already well-known marketing tool: email. Your newsletter campaigns become an even more powerful tool for you as the automation technology enables to reach faster your customers. When a customer registers to your blog or newsletter, you can send them a welcome email or thank you message. Another effective example is when a user leaves your e-shop without making any purchase, you can send him/her a reminder of the basket along with a special offer or a discount to give incentives and increase your conversion rate.

2. Omni-channel programs

Marketing automation programs are a great solution to reach your customers in all channels offering a unified shopping experience. By tracking the shopping behavior and valuable insights through the customer lifecycle you can personalize your content and send tailor-made messages staying at the top of their mind.

3. Test your marketing efforts

The key to success is to test and measure your efforts. That is why when you launch a new campaign you could test different messages to your segmented database. Marketing automation gives you full control of your campaigns, enabling to analyze performance and identify what works best for your audience.

Increasing customer engagement, could be a tough task, but marketing automation solutions can help and boost your communication with your customers. Our team is also here to help you build an effective strategy to increase leads, conversions and retain your most loyal customers.

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