3 emotions that drive customer loyalty

customer loyalty
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The power of emotional engagement in building strong relationships with your customers is undoubtable. Either you are a new business or have an established presence in the market, customer acquisition and retention are probably your top priorities. Focusing on customer experience and building emotional connections with them should also be included in your strategy.

But, which are the emotions that will make your customers not just feel connected, but actually connect to your business?

Emotions that lead to customer loyalty

According to Forrester, making customers feel valued, appreciated and confident can lead to customer loyalty. In the same report (Forrester Customer Experience Index), the findings regarding the impact of these positive emotions on loyalty were impressive.

More specific, in the hotel industry, among customers who felt valued, 90% will advocate for the brand, 67% will plan to increase their spending with the brand, and 87% will plan to stay with the brand.

Depending on the industry you operate and the products or services you provide, the emotions that will make customers stick with your brand might vary. The key is to find which emotions make your customers engage more with you.

Surprise them with unique actions, show them that you appreciate them and make them feel important. Everyone wants to feel special and unique, so take the opportunity and think beyond purchases.

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Identify your loyal customers

To successfully create these emotions and win your customers, you must first identify your target audience and get to know their preferences and interests. What do your customers really want and care about? Which channel do they prefer?

Yesmail & Gleanster Report pointed that 80% of brands don’t know their customer. The lack of deep data insights such as customer demographics, profiling, purchasing behavior is a common challenge nowadays.

By analyzing shoppers’ behavior and profile, you can deliver personalized and relevant campaigns that will win your customers’ heart and make them come back to you.

Personalization is the key

There are many ways to send personalized messages to your customers. Use technology to automate key processes and reach your customers at the right time. By using marketing automation tools, you can boost your communication with your customers and build strong connections faster.

For example, real-time product recommendation during the store visit, either online or offline, is an effective application of marketing automation tools.

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Measuring customer loyalty

Of course, by measuring your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty will help you better optimize your strategy and efforts. Define which emotions make your customers engage with you more and test different campaigns and messages to understand what works best for your brand.

Remember that human beings are emotional and in order to win their trust, you need to talk to their heart first.

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