Back to School: Tips for Marketers

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There is no doubt that Back to School is the hugest bump to retailer’s bottom lines. To maximize the profit, retailers proceed in launching the successful last years’ marketing strategies, or they are testing new ones.

Deals with the right products

Not only for the retailers but also for the small businesses, the top highlight of September is Back to School madness. What makes consumers so willing to spend during this specific period? Offers. Deals can attract consumers’ attention and increase the traffic either in the physical store or in the website. For instance, mobile searches containing the keywords “Back to School deals” have been remarkably increased over the past two years.

If you want to implement a successful marketing campaign, it is vital to promote the correct product to the consumers who are interested and more likely to proceed in a purchase transaction. However, how is this possible? Retailers that are aware of the behavioural customers’ insights and purchasing patterns can easily design and implement campaigns to the right market. Advanced CRM platforms, marketing automation tools powered by artificial intelligence are the answer to all the concerns that marketers have today about finding effective ways to affect almost every retail purchase decision that their consumers make. Real-time product recommendation during the store visit, either online or offline, is a successful application of such tools.

Back to school is a major shopping event for the nation’s retailers, beaten only by Black Friday and Christmas,” says Chana Baram, research analyst at Mintel.

Target audience today cannot be fit in a closed box. Contrary to the traditional theory that back to school refers to students, target audience is more diverse in age, behaviour, shopping patterns and interest.

The data behind the above has an important story to be told. More than half (55%) of the 2,000 UK adults who responded to Back to Life report stated that September was now synonymous with getting back to their own lives. Furthermore, taking into consideration the parents and grandparents and all the teachers that are involved with going back to school notion exceeds over half of the market. Consequently, marketers cannot limit the campaigns only to the students.

Tips for marketers

Be omnichannel; Leverage this chance to influence customer decisions and be on top of mind when consumers head to offline and online stores.

Be precise: Do not get lost on irrelevant channels and marketing campaigns. Create personalized marketing efforts that consumer will say “This is for me” when the advertising message will reach him.

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